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Pilot’s Gun Goes Off In Cockpit

Plenty of pilots have been known to shoot blanks. Hey, it happens. And I totally understand if your weapon goes off prematurely. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. But not in the cockpit!

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San Diego Layover Photos

Yep, that’s exactly what you think it is. That lovely photo above is just a sample of what you might find on the camera after you ask the husband to join you on your long San Diego layover so you can take the kid to the Zoo to see his two favorite Am-in-al, the el-e-bent. LESSON LEARNED: Hold your own camera.

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Me and my mom, who is also a flight attendant. That’s right, we both pick up trash at 35,000 feet.

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This picture was taken from my hotel room window. Guess the city and win a set of 6 FLIGHT ATTENDANT GREETING CARDS designed by ME!
Extra points if you can name the hotel!


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Happy New Year!

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Greetings from 35,000 feet

In case you’re wondering, I’ve been flying nonstop since Christmas Eve. That’s 8 times back and forth across the country in 8 days. And I did it with a wad of Aloe Vera tissues, a pack of non-drowsy Sudafed, and a little jar of Vick’s vapor rub in my pocket. It wasn’t fun. I’m still sick, which is why I won’t be writing much today. But what I will do is leave you with an incredible view from 35,000 feet.

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This post is about trash, and no, I’m not talking about my ex boyfriends, I’m talking about real trash, wonderful and glorious New York City trash, like the green Asian chair in the picture right there. Yes, I actually found that chair in the garbage. What was I doing rifling through the garbage, you may be asking yourself. Actually I was on my way to the laundry room in the basement of my apartment building, which just so happens to be next to the trash compactor, when I saw that chair sitting so prettily next to a dozen or so big black hefty bags. My heart started pounding wildly. I mean hello, could it fit any better in my apartment that’s been decorated with Asian accents ? I wanted it. Had to have it! Of course when I picked it up to carry back to my apartment on the fifth floor, I ran like a crazy person to the elevator, praying no one would see holding it, especially its former owner. How embarrassing would that be? Trust me, I’d know. Last year I threw out a blue and white floral comforter and a few hours later found myself in the elevator standing next to an old woman who had rescued the thing. In fact, I still see the thing from time to time spinning in the dryer. Which kind of freaks me out. So when I got into the elevator with the chair, I frantically hit my floor at least a dozen times before the doors FINALLY shut. And smiled the entire ride up.

Speaking of New York City trash, that picture of the doll lying in the dumpster was taken by Beth Callahan, a friend and fellow flight attendant/photographer, who had her photographs published in the green issue of THE AMERICAN WAY MAGAZINE this month. The layout features several pictures of trash from all around the world. She’s an amazing photographer with an eye for detail. Check out more of her work by clicking:
Here’s a few other examples of her work she took while flying the unfriendly skies, located under LOST IN TRANSLATION on her website…


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