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Laviator of the month: 007 Laviator

On Delta, somewhere between SLC and PDX or vice versa…” – Ron Dubin

(Upload your laviator photos to The Laviators Group on Flickr.com)

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Laviator of the month: Sozzielou

Photo courtesy of Sozzielou

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Coolest Laviator


 Submit your laviator photos to the laviator flickr group and I’ll feature my favorite shots here!

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Laviator 129

Flight from MIA to CCS on January the 7th, 2010 – Konrad


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LAVIATORS 114 – 128


My fave thing to find in airplane lavs–toilet seat protectors! – @Juliana6

Good to know, Juliana.  I MEAN IT!  I do.  Really, I do. 

Upper deck 747 no less.  My dad was a pilot for over 30 years and is now retired, and so you’ve filled the void in my life that was second hand crew chat and airline stories.  Thanks and keep it up!  All the best, James 

Ahhhh…thanks, James!  That is really sweet.  You’ve made my day.  I hereby declare you sweetest laviator.

Christmas Eve (hence the necklace) doing a SJU turn out of IAD. – Annette

 (Yeah, okay, so I’ve been kinda-sorta slacking in the laviator department – hence the necklace.  Tell me something I don’t know. ) 

I couldn’t pass up the chance to take a laviator picture with Mara Gorman, The Mother of All Trips. Here we are with one of each of our children enroute to the Bahamas on JetBlue airlines for a fabulous press trip at the Atlantis hotel; it just might have been the Mother of All Trips!  Best, Candice “CanCan” Broom.  www.MomMostTraveled.com / @MomMostTraveled

Can Can Broom, why can’t I have a name like Can Can Broom?  If Can Can Broom can get THAT many people into a lav, Can Can IS the mother of all trips.  Dang, girl, I think you may have set a laviator record!  Well…that is if I don’t count the airline crew of eight. 

My husband and I travel with our duck and frog and take their photo’s where ever we go. After reading your blog, I just knew that the duck, frog and myself had to become laviator’s! I took these photo’s on a Air New Zealand flight from San Francisco to Auckland last November.  I hope the duck and frog make it on your blog! -  Dawn 

O – kay.  That’s all I’m going to say.










Celebrating my awesome Virgin flight – @Dhepburn






On Christmas Eve I finally took the plunge and took a Laviator picture.  It was the first time in a while I’d been on an airplane with a lav and I didn’t want to miss my chance.  Normally I fly little two or four seat trainers.  Here I am sporting my DuPont Motorsports (Nascar) shirt, and I took the pic with my Verizon HTC Imagio phone.  My wife, @BlondeChampagne on Twitter and BlondeChampagne.com, wouldn’t join me ’cause she didn’t want people thinking we were joining the “other” club. -  @InstructorJosh

  What other club?  There is no other club!  Remember that, Instructor Josh. 

Laviator Love – @DavidOptimal

 Jeez, you’re telling me! (Chicka Bown Bown….)












Hey Heather, here’s my Laviator pic! Finally! Taken on an Air Canada flight from Montreal to Vancouver. Thanks!  – @Shawnosourus

(I love this shot.  It’s simple, yet slightly disturbing, like a mug shot , except he’s smiling – kind of – in the lav, which is…well…CREEPY – the whole mug shot subtle smiley thing!)


Here is my laviator photo!  Photoshopped for obvious reasons.  Please don’t use my name.  Maybe post it as anonymous or Mr. Friendly.

Dear Anonymous or Mr Friendly, you secret is safe with me.   


(While this isn’t exactly a laviator shot, they’re beautiful, they’re flight attendants, and they’re twins!  They also have tons of information on corporate flying.  And…well…it doesn’t get much better than that! 

We are identical twin corporate flight attendants and yes we work together -  same flights whenever possible .  Passengers love it.  (I BET!)  Seriously if you ever have any questions at all, please consider me/us as sources for corporate aviation or anything to do with life as a flight attendant who works directly for an aircraft manufacturer – worlds largest maufacturer of private jets! Bombardier Aerospace.  In my career I have trained probably around 40 different airlines around the world.  Like I said…if you ever have questions…please do not hesitate to ask!  (WILL DO…IN FACT, I’M THINKING FLIGHT ATTENDANTS OF THE MONTH!) Cheers – Lynnette Thate-McCoubrey (Flight Attendant Instructor – Bombardier Aerospace – www.bombardier.com ) 

PS  Here are a few useful websites for corporate flight attendant information  .comcorporatefainsider & corporateflyer.net 


Check out the Laviator T-Shirts for $19.99 at WINDTEE.COM

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Laviators 83-113









Laviator!! – Kara 



Taken while working a flight. The lav reeked, which is why I look like that. - Thomas  




 Finally had a chance to do it.  I’m a laviator! – Suzy    



 This was taken last week  in Kuwait on my miliatry charter carrying the heroes home from Afghanistan one year tour of duty –  Sherri




 Here is my wife’s  Michelle’s attempt at being a Laviator.    We will work on the technique on future flights.  It was an AirTran 717 from PHL to MCO on December 16, 2009 – David David M. Vanderhoof,  
Airplanegeeks & Plane Crazy Down Under Historian in Residence.  www.airplanegeeks.com


  Alitalia laviator – Matteo 

Matteo – Nice work.  Use of lav spray, a la Vanna White, always a plus. And way to work the subtley creepy look into the photo below.  Heather  



 Good evening. I’m wanting to join the Laviators’s Club. I have attached a photo of my self at 39,000 feet on the way to Georgia on Northwest Arlines Flight #4881 on Nov 18, 2009. Thank you – Mark    

No, thank you, Mark!



Following photos are from my flight from SLC to LAX last week. I attached a “traditional” laviator photo, but my other one has a story. I’ve had a runny nose for about 2 weeks, and the dry air on the plane was hurting my nose so bad. I used up all the tissue I had, and went to the lav to give the schnoz a good blow. Documenting the whole lav visit, I cannot lie that a kleenex couldn’t do the job. Mr. Index Finger had a mission. I look like a grotesque ogre, but that’s a perfect scare for a Halloween flight! (Don’t worry, I washed my hands well, then used hand sanitizer back at my seat) – Nicole 

Agh, TMI!   –  Heather     



 David Parker Brown, AirlineReporter.com   

David,  One word – wow.  This one is going into the hall of fame! – Heather  


  I took this pic in the middle of the night on a Delta B767-400ER in the F lav heading ATL-MAD.  I was way too relaxed from all the wine and pampering, and decided it was time to laviate.  The purser gave me quite a funny/disgusted/intrigued look when she saw me exiting the lav with my Canon. – Brian  

 Boy, is that a wet nap in your hand? – Heather


I joined – YAY!  Southwest LAX to RNO – @Chai_Guy






 I am a flight attendant at Southwest Airlines and your blog keeps me laughing when I am delayed, distraught or just want to be distracted - Craig-Lynne

Glad to be of service – Heather. 

(BTW, looks like Southwest is giving Delta a run for its money.  Watch out @Shultzyness, there’s a new prettiest laviator in town! ) 


 I fly for a private company and fly a Pilatus PC-12 not the biggest airplane but we do have a lav….and last night my captain was making fun of me because of the laviator picture I was going to take…I understand it might be not the greatest picture BUT I wanted to show you that even in Corporate aviation you are making a great impact! (and yes I will take a better one soon!!) – Andres www.flystrategicmoves.com





Taken on the SQ A380 from Singapore to London in September. Is this the first A380 laviator pic? It would be great to be the first!!! :) – TT



 Just after takeoff I snuck back to the bathroom with my headshot and camera and giggling to myself.  Finally, I was getting to join the prestigious ranks of the laviator club.  By the way, another couple kept trying to join another kind of club the entire night if you know what I’m talking about and I think you do.  I was on United Flight 0849 from PHL to LAX and was, sadly, NOT upgraded so I was stuck in steerage with a very small bathroom so I did the best I could!  I included my headshot because I thought that was fitting and/or creative!  I look very, very tired (me – not the headshot!) as it was a night flight.  Just moments after these were taken, the flight became continuously turbulent until Denver!  Whew!  Just a couple of days before this trip, I got cast as Julie in Carousel at a theatre in Philadelphia and I’m super excited.  - Amy Armstrong (www.operamouth.wordpress.com  

Congratulations, Amy!  And thanks for joining the club – Heather          



I just got back from our fifth annual weekend ritual of indulging in a pro football game, this year in the fine city of Denver.  As security consultants who spend quite a bit of time in the air with AA, we were able to redeem some of our hard earned AAdvantage miles and enjoy a fantastic weekend in the mile high city.  Speaking of miles high….here’s my shot! – James (Hopefully) Laviator #61   

James,  #61?  Why #61?  How bout #78. – Heather   


Ms Heather, I’m an AWESOME lil flyer. My mom couldn’t get me to look at the mirror, but can I get my laviator wings anyway?





thanks Heather! – Brandon   






Took this laviator photo between SFO and SYD on a UA 744 several hours into the flight. This was my first time crossing the equator and marked my switch from Pollywog to Shellback . This was segment #3 of #5 I flew while traveling from MCI to PEK last month. MCI-ORD-SFO-SYD-AKL-PEK-ORD-MCI was the full itinerary. It was a bit of a mileage run to maintain status for 2010.

The service I had (in coach) on the ORD-SFO-SYD flights were TOP SHELF. I went to the back galley on the UA 767 about 2/3 of the way through the ORD-SFO flight. Asked for a water. Male flight attendant poured, handed it to me, and asked, “Is San Francisco your final destination?” I mentioned that I was connecting to Sydney in SFO. He asked if I had ever been there before (no) and if I had ever been on a flight that long (also no). Then he asked how long I was going to be in Sydney. “Well, believe it or not, I’m actually connecting from Sydney to Auckland then to Beijing.” The flight attendant almost fell over. I returned to my seat. At initial descent into SFO the flight attendant came to my seat, thanked me for my business and handed me an unopened liter bottle of water and wished me a safe adventure. What a nice gesture!  

So I burn a few hours in SFO, then finally board the 744 to SYD. A flight attendant standing by her jumpseat asks “How many days are you going to be in Sydney?” 

I laugh and say, “Well, actually I’m only…”

She cuts me off and says, “Are you the one making all the connections to Asia?”  My mind is reeling.  She explains that a member of my ORD-SFO crew contacted the purser for the SYD flight and told him/her about me and told them to “take good care of him.” The purser shared the instructions with the SFO/SYD crew during their crew briefing. The flight attendant I was talking to said she was so excited to be the one who found me. She asks me for my seat number and gets on the phone to tell everyone she found their special delivery.  

I returned to my seat in awe.  For the next 14 hours I had named-service (“Mr. Meyer, may I…”) at least 10 times in COACH! The crew was unbelievable. Several stopped by to ask me about the trip. One offered a first class amenity kit. My glass was never empty and I’ve never experienced better service in my life.  All seven flights in the itinerary were on time. It was a great trip and I wanted to share. Little acts of customer service make a big difference. Big acts of customer service make a HUGE difference - Justin

Dear Justin, Okay…umm….something tells me the flight attendant who poured the water had a crush on you.  I’m just saying…  – Heather


 (WAVING HAND) I wanna “Laviator T-shirt”=)  I did a transcon this week.  The two flight attendants I was working with finally questioned my odd behavior of going into the lavatory several times with DEMO equipment and my cellphone/camera.  I proclaimed, “I wanna be a Laviator!” – Frank  

Frank, I hereby declare you a laviator.  What are you waiting for?  Go to windtee.com to get your shirt!  – Heather





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Laviator T-shirts!



You know you want one!  So why not go  to Windtee.com and get one?  I did.


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Best of the best laviator contest

picfornewslettermacau200814bLast week a producer from ABC Nightline News contacted me about doing a story on the laviators – THE LAVIATORS! I know, it’s weird, I can’t believe it myself. But one of their corespondents actually happened across my blog after surfing around Youtube where they found people doing all sorts of bizarre things in airplane bathrooms. Of course I asked if he’d seen my video, 25 ways to use a maxi pad in flight, but he had not, so I emailed it to him right away. What he had seen, it turns out, was Michelle’s funny laviator music video.

“Michelle really stepped it up a notch,” the producer said matter of fact over the phone.

“That she did!” I agreed. Then I added, “She’s also the one responsible for getting the word ‘laviator’ into the urban dictionary! Now if only we can get the word ‘lavatar,’ as in a laviator avatar, in there as well.”

The producer laughed, and then went on to describe the club as “hysterically weird” and asked what might compel someone to take pictures of themselves in the lavatory.

Honestly, I’m still trying to figure that one out myself, and I’m the first official laviator! Although I’m pretty sure it has something to do with boredom. Or maybe it’s just exciting to do something a little risque – and weird – on an airplane. Then again, it could be all of the above. Who knows. All I know for sure is the end result is fun.

Continue reading GALLEY GOSSIP: BEST OF THE BEST LAVIATOR CONTEST and don’t forget to vote!

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Laviators 63 – 82



 Getting my laviation on! – @Catchapamilla

 I have to agree with Pamilla, she’s got it goin on!  Without a doubt, this girl wins the award for sexiest laviator!  And she’s a flight attendant, too!  You go, girl!




Brushing my teeth on the SFO-JFK redeye *on my birthday* after a 24 hr business trip, no upgrade as I was like #6 on the list. WAhhhhh, poor me, sound of many teeny violins playing! haha I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.   Lawyer Chick
Lawyer Chick and I go way back.  We met on a New York – Las Vegas flight.  Her seat was right in front of my jumpseat.  We didn’t speak until we were well into our approach to land and the chatty guy seated next to her said something to me about “a lawyer chick” he knew.  Ona, being a lawyer chick herself, spoke up and put the guy in his place.  The rest is history.  Lawyer chick wins the award for Laviator keeping it most real! 
Croatia Iceland June 2009 165
 The photo is in the lav of a Dash 8 Q400..enroute to Iceland.  Cheers – Lynnette Thate-McCoubrey
LGA – MCO (thru ORD):  It was a wild day as my 7am flight turned back to gate after we were on the runway due to mechanical difficulties.  United managed to do a great job of getting all passengers on next flight (8 am) which left at 8:30 am.  I seriously did not think I was going to make my connection but I did & my bags made it too! – Beatriz
Oh my God, Bea, did you just compliment an airline?  I think you did.  United, did you hear that?  For the love of God, give the lady some miles!
I laviated – @bigskymom74
It’s Cynthia from Jaunted.com, but you may know better as “JetSetCD.”  I just flew to Chicago for the weekend on Jetblue  and managed to come though. Sorry the photo is so green, but the bathrochristopherom had that weird yellowy lighting. Also my boyfriend Christopher laviated on a Jetblue flight between JFKand PWM.  Yes, I do wear red lipstick when I fly :) It’s Diane von Furstenberg’s color called “Foreign Affair” and I think it helps bring some of the old glamor back. 
 Cynthia Drescher
Editor – Jaunted.com
Contributing Editor – HotelChatter. com
Contributor – Racked.com
Now writing that down, “foreign affair” by Diane von Furstenberg.  Thank you.  
  I’ve been meaning to do this for a while… it occurred to me on Monday morningon flight DJ726 from the Gold Coast to Melbourne on a Virgin Blue 737-800, so I did :-)Steven Pam
 Gulfstream Laviators 

 This is me and @flightblogger in the lavatory of the Gulfstream GIV that used to be owned by Oprah. That lav was bigger than my 1st apartment!



Ladies and gentleman, laviators everywhere, we have a record.  Benet of Aviationweek.com wins the award for most laviations!  Laviations?  Yeah, that’s right, laviations.  First she submitted the you-can’t-see-my-face-behind-this-big-ass-camera photo.  Then came a very sweet shot of the youngest laviator, baby laviator, posing with his super cool mom, Benet - minus the ginormous camera.  And now this – an almost-celebrity, tag-team laviator shot!  Benet, you’re on fire!  And not only are you laviating with the amazing @flightblogger, Jon Ostrower, you’re doin it with him on Oprah’s plane – OPRAH!   Wait a minute, you guys  were on Oprah’s plane and didn’t invite me?  Umm…okay…what’s up with that?  We need to talk.

  hawaii 001 

I tried to convince my hubby to do it, but he was a no go and didn’t think I would make it on your site, so PLEASE prove him wrong, so I can maybe convince him next time!  This is from SFO-OGG First Class Bathroom (Thank you mileage upgrades!!)  Keep on writing so I have fun stuff to distract me from actually working! 

Your Loyal Blog Follower!

Dear Sarah, my loyal blog follower (oh I like that!)
First of all, tell that husband of yours that everyone makes the club, okay.  Well everyone except for that guy who submitted a photo that was a little too risquee to post here, we’re talking XXX, people!  Oh and I had to reject that guy who not only sat on the toilet, but actually looked like he might be using it.  Yeah, he got blocked.  Twice.  I also had to turn down the guy who keeps submitting laviator shots that are not taken in the lav.  I’m sorry, but airline clubs and hotel rooms do not count!  I don’t care how germaphobic you are.  You can also tell that husband of yours that not only did you make the page, Sarah, but you’re positioned right next to Oprah’s laviator shot, which is, I realize, not really Oprah’s laviator shot, but as close to one as I’ll ever get!   
  I recently flew from Chicagoto Munich on a huge A340-600 plane that had steps in the middle of the plane that took you to 5 bathrooms….it was really nice.
Alecs Variny
Right away the jacket told me you had style, so when I clicked the link above I was  not at all surprised to find a cool web site.  However, I can not believe how many cute things you have for kids – and all travel related!   
  I stumbled across your blog today and love it.  Then I found the Laviators.  What a relief!  I’m not as much of a sick twisted freak as I thought.  There are others who share my secret shame.  I love sneaking photos in flight… that camera is an electronic device I sometimes don’t turn off.  My favorite inflight photos are of an ExpressJet first officer proposing to a CO flight attendant on an EWR-BOS flight on the PA… but I digress. I saw the Laviators pictures about 15 minutes ago.. and, as you can tell, I didn’t have to wait for my next flight to join that club. – R.F.

R.F, you hereby win the award for sick and twisted laviator freak because you’ve been laviating before there were even “laviators”.  And that’s a good thing!  I think.   Just make sure to turn that camera off when the flight attendant makes the announcement that all electronic devices must be turned off and put away.  I mean it, R.F., stop playing around with the camera.   Turn it off and put it away or a sick and twisted freaky flight attendant will put it away for you.  I’m just saying… 



Here’s my laviator shot from this morning’s AA517. I really don’t know why I look so happy since I got up at 4:15am! – Ron

 You’re not happy, Ron, you’re delirious.  It’s too early to fly.  Go back to bed and take a later departure with me. 


  This was shot heading back from PHXto ATL on the redeye this past weekend.  I waited till about half way through the flight to make sure most of the other pax were asleep to ask the FA for a Maxi-pad to put it on my head rest to give it a little more cussion…I wish I would have taken a pic of her face!  She looked at me like I was crazy..I quickly pulled out the maxi pad post that you wrote and handed it to her to read.  She found the humor in it..and not two seconds later I had my new head rest.  Not only did I use it as the headrest I went as far as making me a bow tiesince I managed to snag a seat in 1A.  This hardly ever happens on a long flight flying non rev. Enjoy.

It’s official, Chris, you win the most brilliant laviator award for coming up with another way to use a maxi pad in flight while laviating!  I’m seriously impressed.    
This is my friend Claudette on her way from Córdoba, Argentina (LAN Airlines) to Lima, Peru, last month when she flew to visit her mom on her birthday.  She’s not that computer savvy, so she asked me to send this picture on her behalf.  I hope you can make some room for her picture in the Laviators Club!!  If you do, please let me know so I can check it online!!


Italked my friend who works in the cvg ramp tower with me  into taking a pix in the love from fra-cvg. Thought I would share. – Bennett





Hey!! I’m so happy I finally get to join the Laviators Club. That’s a picture from a Delta flight from JFK to Colombia. It was a really bumpy flight, out of like 10 pictures that’s the only one were I’m smiling, I was also tired because it was a red-eye flight but we arrive safe and sound. I’m so honor to be a member!!

Honored to have you!



Good morning Heather.  I would be honored to be added to the fine list of fellow laviators. This photo was taken enroute from Syr to jfk on jetblue.  Check out the enthusiasm.  I think someone should design a laviating tshirt.

Good evening Kevin.  I love your enthusiasm.  If there was an award for best tongue, you’d win, but I don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea.  I, too, think someone should design a laviator T-shirt, which is why I have someone doing  just that as I type.  Let me know where to mail it.


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It’s not so much what he wrote, but *who* it was that wrote it…

dashandrossSeptember 18th, 2009 • Ross Martin

I’m Following A Flight Attendant. What airline? She won’t tell. All I know is that we are going to go for pizza next week, as soon as she lands. It’s Friday, and my Favorite Follow today on twitter is Heather Poole, a flight attendant.

Heather’s pretty genius, with a following all her own. Her fans call themselves Laviators, a word that just entered the Urban Dictionary. Laviators are travelers who take photos of themselves and make music videos in airplane bathrooms. We could do a whole series of these. I’m publicly daring Chester French to make a video on one of Heather’s flights.

Call them at 617-830-2532 and tell D.A. they gotta do this…

Continue reading I’M FOLLOWING A FLIGHT ATTENDANT and then make sure to periodically check out Martin’s very cool blog  Somethingburning.com.  And yes, we really are going out for pizza next week.  I hope.  And he better bring that crazy kid with him.

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