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Luggage Review: Club Glove Flight Crew Set

You know your luggage rocks when the doorman outside of the Bryant Park Hotel in New York City wants to take it for a spin.  No joke, when my husband stepped out of a taxi cab, the guy who greeted him grabbed the handle of his rollaboard, took a few steps towards the revolving doors, and then stopped dead in his tracks.  

“Nice,” he said, rolling it back and forth over the cement as if it were a lawnmower. This from a guy who comes in contact with a lot of luggage, a lot of really nice luggage, on a daily basis.  Then he spun it around in circles like a skater on ice.   

My husband smiled.  “It does have a nice roll.”

“May I?” asked the doorman.  Before my husband could say, “yeah, sure, go ahead,” the guy took it to the edge of the hotel property and then came right back, nodding his head in approval.   “What kind of bag is this?”  

“Club Glove.” 

If you’re not a fan of Tiger Woods or golf in general, you’re probably thinking, Club Glove?  I thought the same thing after a pilot contacted me to tell me about the line of luggage his friend had designed specifically for flight crews.  Turns out Club Glove, the number one travel equipment in golf, is no longer just for golfers.  It’s for flight attendants, pilots, and passengers, too.  Makes sense since the CEO and owner of the company, Jeff Herold, is also a private pilot.  He’s been flying since 1997 and many of his friends are commercial pilots and flight attendants.

The only bad thing I can say about Club Glove is this.  It’s not crew luggage.  At my airline luggage is part of our uniform.  This means we can only use a certain brand, and I’ve been quite happy with my 22″ Travelpro suiter for a long time.  Because of this I was hesitant to try it out, but after the pilot assured me it was the best there is out there, I decided to give it a go.  Although I couldn’t use the 23″ Club Glove “carry on” bag at work, I could take with me on vacation – twice.  I even allowed my husband, a frequent flier who travels over 100,000 miles a year on business, to borrow it after a wheel on his beloved, ten year-old, Samsonite popped off.  Not only did The Husband come home raving about the bag, and he’s not one to be easily impressed, a client of his ordered one just like it.          

What makes the bag so great?  It doesn’t roll, it glides, like butter.  After experiencing such a smooth roll, it wasn’t easy going back to what can now only be described as a drag.  Sorry Travelpro.  At 8.8 pounds (the same weight as my Travelpro), it’s light weight and easy to lift into an overhead bin.  That’s important considering I spend half my life on a plane and have no desire to have back surgery.  At first glance the Club Glove bag appeared to be smaller than my Travelpro, but I was able to fit just as much inside.  Because it’s thinner (and taller) than my crew bag, it rolled down the aisle without knocking into any seats.  Of course the height of the bag was an initial concern.  It’s an inch taller than most rollaboard bags.  But by stowing it with the wheels facing out,  instead of wheels in first, it fit nicely into a coach overhead bin on both the Super 80 and 767 aircraft.  The hard back makes the suitcase feel sturdy, but the soft front allows for squishing action if getting the bag into a tight space becomes an issue.  I’m not the most organized person in the world, but the clothing organizer bags that came with the flight crew set made it easy to stay, well, organized!  A first for me.  My favorite thing about the bag was how well the wheel base worked in the snow.  It was like a sled! 

 The VLK flight bag impressed me the most.  I could not believe how much I could get inside what at first appeared to be a tote bag that would never in a million years work for me based on the small size!  Yet I was able to fit everything I needed inside, and then some, including a full size laptop computer AND my makeup bag, as well as a couple of magazines, a book, my wallet, a bottle of water – you get the picture.  This is why The Husband and I now refer to it as the magic bag.  Seriously, there’s no better way to describe it. 

How much do I like Club Glove luggage?  So much I’m thinking about ordering the Train Reaction set (rollaboard, tote, rolling duffle) for my in-laws before their next big cruise.  But only if they agree to let me borrow it first!

There are four different flight crew sets to choose from.  Each includes a carry on bag (rollaboard), gear bag, flight bag (tote), two clothing organizers, and travel kit, along with a 5 year NQA (no-questions-asked) warranty for $499.  Not bad for a quality, light weight, dependable product!  It’s the only line of luggage still made in America.  

Tiger’s ex, Elin Nordegren, pulling a Club Glove bag through LAX airport

NYPost.com / BauerGriffinOnline.com


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Video: Packing a bag

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Photo of the day: What did the big bag say to the little bag? Be-atch, stop sitting on me!

Photo courtesy of me! (Heather Poole)

Quote courtesy of Nicholas Ortiz


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Travel gifts: Ann Taylor’s perfect bow tote

Dear Santa,  I WANT THIS BAG!  Love,  Heather.   PS.  I’ve been good.  PSS.  Well good enough.  PSSS Just bring the bag and no one will get hurt! 

When it comes to travel, packing multi-functional (space-saving) items are a must!    The perfect bow tote might look like a purse, but it’s big enough to use as a tote.  With this bag you’ll be able to pull off daytime looks with professional and chic suits, and tote it along with hot night pieces after work.  Or use it as a carry-on bag next time you travel! Why not?  There’s plenty of room for a netbook or ipad!  The tote is simple, the leather is soft, and there are no bows, adornments or logos on the outside of the bag.  And the best part; it’s feminine and flirty, but in an understated way.  The Ann Taylor perfect bow tote retails for $225.


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Photo of the day: Mommy, how long until I reach a million frequent flier miles and why do I have to roll your bag?!

Photo courtesy of Holly Allen

Caption: Courtesy of David and Barry!


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Crew Quote of the Week: Airline seniority, flight attendants & luggage

What’s the difference between a new hire and a senior mama?  A new-hire flight attendant will say, Sir, can I please get you to stow your bag please.  A ten-year flight attendant will say, BAG, BIN, NOW!  A twenty-year flight attendant will think, Bag? What bag?” - Flight attendant Christopher Bailey

Photo courtesy of Katchoo


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Photo of the day: As part of the new TSA pilot program, Bob gets a sticker for his bag each time he passes security screening without a bag check.

1st runner up:  Paul (@Flyingphotog) “As Carmen Miranda yelled at the poor Agent behind counter in the baggage office, another traveler made off with her roller bag.”

2nd runner up:  Cowin Myundies – “This is my baggage. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My baggage is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My baggage, without me, is useless. Without my baggage, I am useless.”

Photo courtesy of Heather Poole (me!)

Caption courtesy of Mike!


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Oh yes I am wearing my third carry-on item and there’s nothing the airline can do or say about it!


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Crew luggage, rolling vs folding & lifting heavy bags

I just read the New York Times article about your packing advice for travelers. What is the brand and model of the carry-on luggage that you used in the slideshow? – Michelle

The bag featured in the article is a Travelpro 22″ flight crew series 3. My company also provides airline personnel with an 18″ rollaboard. For whatever reason neither one of the bags are featured on Travelpro’s website, but they do offer something similar – a 20″ and 22″ expandable rollaboard under the Crew 7 Series. If you’re looking to buy a new suticase, my advice is to play it safe and go with the smaller one. While I like my 22″ suiter and use it whenever I’m taking long trips, commuting to work for a week straight, or on vacation with another family member using only one bag, I prefer the smaller 18″ suitcase for the majority of my travel.

Savvy travelers know how to pack light. I do this by planning outfits around two pairs of shoes. While the suiter works well when I need it, it’s too big and bulky for shorter trips. Fully packed it doesn’t always fit inside overhead bins on smaller, older aircraft – at least that’s what I’ve been told. Though it does fit just fine on a 767. As for the 737, I’d been warned repeatedly by coworkers it wouldn’t fit, but I was able to get it inside both a regular and reconfigured overhead bin. That said, I didn’t have anything packed inside the suiter section of the bag. Who knows, maybe I got lucky. Maybe my colleagues pack too much. All I know is I got it inside the bin without a struggle and didn’t have to check it.



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