Flight Attendant SHOES SHOES and more SHOES!

Dear Heather,
I really enjoy your blog. Whenever I need a laugh, I read it. Lately I’ve been looking for the perfect flight attendant shoe, any suggestions? My dogs are barking
Flight Attendant Debbie M, ORD based.

Oh the flight attendant shoe, the subject of many a male fantasy, as well as flight attendant nightmare (or two). The perfect navy blue shoe is not easy to find, as most of you, I’m sure, already know. You want to look good, but you need something comfortable, something you can wear while stomping up and down the aisle , picking up trash, while kicking luggage out of your way, for hours on end at 35,000 feet. Debbie asked, I listened, and off to DSW Shoe Warehouse I went…

DANSKO CLOG (Pictured above) – The Dansko Clog is to flight attendants what Tumi luggage is to Business Travelers. Next time you’re on a flight, look down, you’ll see em, because they’re everywhere! Definitely the favorite among crew. Cady, my good friend, owned a pair of these clogs for almost as long as I’ve know her (12 years!) and I think it hurt more when the clogs fell apart (a few months ago) than when she quit her flight attendant job, a job she kind of wish she hadn’t quit (over a year ago). Need I say more?

TAHARI ($69.95) – I love this shoe. Probably because it reminds me of a tap shoe, which reminds me of my childhood, which is probably why every shoe I’ve ever owned looks a lot like this one – with a strap and buckle, but a shorter heel.

R2 ($39.95) – This shoe does not look good sitting on top of the box, but on the feet, they actually looked cute. So cute, in fact, I almost bought them – a couple times in the same day. That’s me down there, trying them on, one of several times, turning side to side in the mirror. Not only were they cute, they were also comfortable – a flight attendant must. BUT…the wedge, it worried me. Probably not a good idea to pair a casual wedge with a conservative uniform. Save these for the day off.

PALLADIUM ($39.95)- I really have seen a flight attendant wearing these shoes, and I actually saw that flight attendant in the terminal, not on the airplane hidden behind a cart. This, to me, is just wrong – for so many reasons. I don’t care how cute you are.

MUDD ($39.85) – My current work shoes are an older version of these MUDD heels. Obviously, I like this shoe. What do I like about it? The heel. There is one. Yet it’s short enough to work in. And looks nice enough to wear through the terminal. No switching shoes for me. What I like even more than the heel is the rounded toe. When you’re working on your feet for hours on end, you need room, PLENTY OF ROOM. The bow/tie on the side gives it a flirty feel. I actually went to DSW to purchase this shoe in particular, but they didn’t have my size.

LOAFER – If I wore the pants to work, these are the style of shoes I’d wear, but since I don’t wear pants to work and these shoes are men’s shoes, we’ll move on to the next shoe….

ME TOO ($59.95) – Yes. I’ve actually seen em in-flight, and if you can’t believe that, get this…I remember thinking, not bad. For in-flight shoes. I bet they’re comfortable. Though I can’t see ME in a pair, you might be a different story.

MADDEN GIRL ($39.95) – These looked fun and flirty sitting on top of the box, but not so cute on the feet. Black patton paired with cheap polyester…not so sure about that.

CL BY LAUNDRY ($39.95) Something about this shoe caught my eye in the store. Still trying to figure out what it was, exactly, that caught my eye.

COLE HAHN ($119.95) – I threw these in the box and marched straight to the cash register, credit card in hand. Yes, they’re pricey (the husband would die), maybe a little too expensive, especially for work, but they’re cute! And comfortable. And they made me feel good. And they looked good. REAL GOOD. And they had my size. Did I happen to mention how good they looked on me? I mean what more could a flight attendant want?

Flight attendant fantasy shoe…for men. I’m not just talking about the men in drag. Add a few more inches to the heel and these, to me, scream available and desperate! At least on the airplane they do, because in REAL life I kind of, maybe, sort of, like them. Okay okay, so I actually own a pair, but I wear them hidden under a long jean, not on the airplane, nor in the terminal! Why? Because they say is there anything else I can get you? (Wink Wink). They belong to Cockpit Connie. Or do they belong to my flight attendant friend Steven? Or was it me? I can’t remember.

ANNE KLEIN ($54.95) Ummm…can you say Senior Mama? Can you say retire already so I can finally get a little seniority and fall off the reserve list already. Before I’m 50. Can you believe the person who now wears these sensible comfy loafers once wore those sexy go-go boots…So when you see a pair of these tired looking loafers walking down the nappy blue aisle, remember where they‘ve been. What they’ve seen. What they’ve done. Because, trust me, you’ll never have that

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, when will she be donning those brand new Cole Hahn’s? The answer is I won’t. As soon as I got home I knew I’d made a mistake. Not just because they were too expensive for work, and I’d ruin them within a week of kicking carts, but because the narrow toe would be a problem in-flight. So I boxed up the Cole Hahns, took them back to the store, and came home with these babies…

The new and improved version of what I already had – MUDD (Lucky me – someone had just returned a pair in my size this morning!)

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