AirTran & more photos from the lav

Hi Heather,

My daughter and I flew to LAX last week and we thought you might want some lav pics for your collection. (:

I went ahead and applied with AirTran. I was informed today that Southwest Airlines will not be having any training classes in 2009 so I’m going to try for AirTran. I did tell them that I successfully interviewed with Soutwest Airlines last August however they aren’t having any training in 2009 and I’m ready to move forward with my flight attendant career. I hope it doesn’t hurt me that I told them that. I guess we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted!


Dear Leesa,

Thanks for the cool shots. As you know I’ve got quite an interesting collection of photos taken from the lav and it’s growing. I have big plans for these photos, BIG PLANS, and I’m so glad you can be a part of it.

As for AirTran, you made a smart move and I don’t think it hurts to be honest. Airlines love to hire people who are honest, especially when it comes to liquor money. I think if they know another airline hired you, and that it was an airline with a great reputation, it’ll just make them want you more. Good luck and keep in touch!