Another laviator music video!

Hi Heather! 
So this is my first attempt at movie making, and I’ve got plenty of ideas for next time. Here’s my first laviator music video, set to Leaving on a Jet Plane by Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies. The footage is from two Virgin America flights to/from SFO-SAN. I walked out of those lavs laughing hysterically, knowing no one knew what I had just done.  I can’t wait to make another one when we fly to BOS in November!
Take care,



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6 responses to “Another laviator music video!

  1. zenpilgrim

    Very cool…I guess altitude just gets to some people, makes em act a little nuts.

  2. Yay!! I cannot wait to make another one of these. I’m thinking laviator world tour!

  3. Laviators freaking rock! Only problem, I think your blog might be creating longer lines for traveler en route via airplanes! :)

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