5 Rules for being a great airline passenger

There’s a great article written by Paul Eisenberg featured on FOXnews.com – 5 rules for being a great airline passenger.  Everyone should read it!  And not just because I’m quoted – Several times!   (Shameless plug, I know. )

If you were the world’s most frequent flier you’d likely encounter hundreds of flight attendants over the course of a year. Now consider that the average flight attendant encounters hundreds of passengers over the course of a day.

Statistically that doesn’t prove much of anything. But if your job put you in contact with thousands of people a year you’d begin seeing patterns in how they behaved. Last year several flight attendants cited irritating and dangerous passenger behavior and suggested ways we could all have a happier flight


(And while I’m at it, might as well add this one, too…)

How to Hook Up On A Trip, by Paul Eisenberg

Flight attendant Heather Poole was impressed that one of her business class passengers really seemed to have it together. He was polite and knew how to take care of himself.

So she married him.

There’s a bit more to the story, of course. They exchanged phone numbers as the flight deplaned and their courtship took a while to play out, but Poole recalls her first impression of her now-husband of seven years as if it was yesterday.

“Here’s a man with a plan,” Poole remembers, a guy who came prepared with a “pen and paper, magazines, and a beautiful sandwich that he brought from a deli.” On top of which, her husband-to-be was courteous and made eye contact, which in Poole’s experience is not the norm.