Photo of the day: JetBlue flight attendant crossing (be mindful of beer cans!)

Photo courtesy of Marie Valenzuela


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22 responses to “Photo of the day: JetBlue flight attendant crossing (be mindful of beer cans!)

  1. BaloneyGeek

    Your obutary must not read “Run Over By A Plane”.

  2. You must yield to me, I yield to no one!

  3. Mark


  4. Jon

    In reaction to the Jet Blue Flight Attendant incidant this week, airports are installing pedestrian crosswalks in fear of future mishaps of employees walking off the job.

  5. Eric

    Please watch for those dumb enough to chase the plane.

  6. mike

    Those damn kids pressing the walk button and running away, now we have to sit here and wait for the light.

  7. Kevin

    “Jet Blue FA Crossing”

  8. mikegothard

    We’ve got to stop meeting like this.

  9. H2O Neon

    After the shock of the runaway flight attendant, Lufthansa have decided to install jetblue “Jet Way” this brand new invention means that EVERYONE can get off of their plane like a jetblue attendant!


  10. Jake

    “Give way to angry people” – the guy on the sign looks like he is walking angrily.

  11. justcorbly

    What’s this growth on my nose?

  12. Pete

    Mens toilet this way.

  13. BaloneyGeek

    OT: Of which airline is that A340 behind the Lufthansa? The livery looks strangely like BMI but it can’t be British Midland – They don’t have A340s AFAIK.

  14. ppowersthatbe

    but I have the flight of way

  15. Joe

    Caution!!! Quitting Zone; Be Mindful of Beer Cans!

  16. James Craven

    “This way to Dollywood”

    Seen at BNA, mostly for unaccompanied minors…

  17. Lou

    Jetblue’s new slogan compliments of Steven Slater

    “You are now free to move about the runway”

    Accompanied by the sound of a beer can opening (whoosh)

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