Torture the kid with this airplane costume on Halloween

I’m going to assume you’re reading this post because you’re an aviation geek and have a thing for all things flying, which is why I present you with this – an airplane costume from Pottery Barn.  Oh go ahead and torture the kid by dressing your little darling up as an airplane on Halloween.  He’ll love it.  People will think she’s adorable.  Ya know there’s always extra candy for the cute kids. 

Yeah I know it’s August, which is a  little early to be writing about Halloween, but my sister just sent me the photo of the Pottery Barn costume and…well…I couldn’t help myself.  Now I love my sister.  I really do.  But just because I’m a flight attendant and I write about flying doesn’t mean I’m going to dress MY KID up in that.  Heck no.  Not after what I did to him last year when at the last minute I nixed the pirate costume and dressed him up as a pilot.  But not just any pilot, a Northwest Pilot, as in one of the ones who fell asleep and forgot to land at the airport.  I had the kid carrying a toy laptop computer while I, his copilot, wore a satin eye mask on top of my head.   Genius, I know.  Only everyone assumed the kid was Captain Sully and I was his lesbian flight attendant.       

Now back to the airplane costume.  If you’re the crafty type you might want to consider making an airplane costume out of a corrugated box.  It ONLY takes 2-3 hours and the directions look (not so) easy.   Might as well make two costumes while you’re at it – one for me and one for you.  Or maybe I’ll just wear my uniform and grab two beers – Steven Slater style.