Photo of the day: How many licks does it take to get a first class seat?

Photo courtesy of Bob Nadelberg

Caption courtesy of Darlene


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24 responses to “Photo of the day: How many licks does it take to get a first class seat?

  1. “See that, everyone? Milk Bones in first class!”

  2. What’s with all the humans? I thought the ad said “petliner”, not jetliner…

  3. F*CK! how long am i going to have to wait to use toilet?!

  4. I’m waiting. What do you want me to so? Rollover, Jump, Bark? Then I get a biscuit, right?

  5. You’d think they’d give me something better than the bulkhead.

  6. Do you know if the nearest tree is occupied?

  7. Alvin

    All i need to do now is not pee for a couple of hours and i will be fine.

  8. how many licks for a first class upgrade?

  9. Ah look, they put me right near the dogbox!!! :P

    (Srry, crew joke)

  10. Or,

    “When I requested a doghouse seat this wasnt what I had in mind”

  11. flytomuch

    … I wonder if I get 7x miles for this flight…

  12. Joe

    Seating Assignments now go from Cutest to not so Cute.

  13. F*CK! how long must i wait for the bathroom?!

  14. Doug

    What do you mean the forward lav is for first class only??!!

  15. Jason

    Umm, This guy here is in my seat…it says I’m in 1C on my boarding pass.

  16. Do you have an extra seat-belt extender please?

  17. Jake

    I like flying.

  18. Terry Lange

    What are you looking at me for? I belong here!

  19. Is it too late to upgrade to 1st class?

  20. Meghan

    So THAT’S what happens behind the curtain..

  21. justcorbly

    When it’s time for you to push that cart up and down the aisle, talk to me about what it will take to get me to move.

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