Oahu: North shore (Day 2) – Haleiwa farmers market

At first glance you might want to keep on driving.  I know I did the first time I saw the Haleiwa farmer’s market from the car off the side of the highway.  Sorry but I’m not a fan of traipsing through the mud after a light rain shower.  Boy am I glad The Husband didn’t listen to me – this time – and parked the car.  Because the farmers market in Haleiwa is a great place to spend the afternoon.  There’s a nice variety of vendors for  this small farmers market.  I’m not sure which I loved the most, the fried avocado egg rolls (oh my God, more please!), the beautiful handcrafted jewelry designed by Marlene Snow, AKA the Knotty Lady, (I’m wearing one of her pieces now) or musician Paul Izac, the Reggae version of Jack Johnson.  Better believe we’re listening to his CD in the rental car.  Oh and the pineapple there is THE BEST I’ve ever tasted! Good thing we bought three.  If you’re on the north shore of Oahu on a Sunday, make sure to check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.  It’s located off of Highway 83 and Joseph Leong highway and is open from 9 AM to 1 PM.  AFTERWARDS visit Matsumoto shave ice!   

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