Photo of the day: Captain Cool: always fashionably late for pushback….

Photo courtesy of me (Heather Poole)

Caption courtesy of @AndrewJSquirrel


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30 responses to “Photo of the day: Captain Cool: always fashionably late for pushback….

  1. You know you are in Los Angeles when half the passengers leave their sunglasses on in-flight.

  2. i wonder if i try to look famous.. maybe people will think im famous?

  3. Scraggly haired guy who needs a shave.

  4. Alex Vance

    This guy’s so cool, he wants to upgrade from First Class to Cockpit.

  5. Mike

    I go flying so high, when I’m stoned

  6. STL F/A

    I…AM…RAY BAN…..

  7. The new FAA regulations regarding equal opportunities means we can now allow visually impaired people to fly airplanes. To celebrate, we even let a visually impaired stylist do his hair before his inaugural flight.

  8. Will

    “u never close ur eyes, anymore when I kiss ur liiips… – Goose? Where are u?”

  9. David Plazeski

    That’s right Ice, I am dangerous…..

  10. Plattraveller

    He’s still mourning the loss of Goose….

  11. vclare

    aah, is this my seat? will it recline?

  12. *sings* “I wear my suuuunglasses in flight…”

  13. @andrewjsquirrel

    Captain Cool: always fashionably late for pushback.

  14. Don’t even think about asking me for anything… I’m on break.

  15. “The plaque for the alternates is in the ladies’ room…. ”

    (Becuase the lab is just beh…. never mind)

  16. Errr, lav!!! Leaving now… coat, hat….

  17. Roger

    “I’m Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood dealer, so back off!”

  18. Roger

    Or, how about this Ghost Busters goodie:

    “Back off, man. I’m a scientist.”

  19. Tim

    Wow things are a lot nicer on the PanAm TV show

  20. “I got them moves like Jagger!”

  21. John Hatch

    His thoughts: Hmm…Maybe I can say, hey, you fly here often, no! no! to corny. Aaahh, hey nice! no! can I buy you a drink…$h!t. Ok, I’ll just bump in her.

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