Photo of the day: That feeling you get when you knew you should have upgraded to economy plus!

Photo courtesy of Chingy Wong

Caption courtesy of Connor Holland


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32 responses to “Photo of the day: That feeling you get when you knew you should have upgraded to economy plus!

  1. Yeah. Sure. Jerk. Once again United upgrades you to the front of the plane and you leave me here all by myself. Dope.

  2. Jennifer

    Peanuts? Are those peanuts I smell?

  3. Sal

    Want to get away?

  4. I’d actually asked for a 1st class ticket, but the grammatically incorrect cat booked me here and then said something about “wanting a cheezeburger….”

  5. Forget Frequent Flyer miles, The new “Frequent puppy miles” campaign was really taking off!

  6. The new skymall “live animals” selection was turning out to be a bit hit!

  7. Barry in La Jolla

    Let’s see … one row down, pizza. Next row, chicken Parmesan. And someone is painting her nails! Bummer.

  8. If you’re going to stuff me in dark under here, at least give me your copy of 50 shades of grey…

  9. Some airlines are considering “pet-free” flights after several major airlines followed JetBlue’s lead in offering fixed price unlimited travel for pets, causing numerous passengers to complain at the headache-inducing barking and occasional smells from “accidents” that have begun plaguing cabins on domestic flights.

  10. Wow, I just read about that thing with the ice cream in 50 Shades of Gray…’s hot in here! Let me out!

  11. Um… I asked for a sick bag, not a doggy bag……

  12. Barry in La Jolla

    OK … where is the doggy stewardess??

  13. Barry in La Jolla

    Oh yeah??? If this is first class, then where are the fire hydrants??!

  14. Barry in La Jolla

    Huh. It doesn’t seem like there’s more leg room down *here*. Excuse me, miss … is the seat next to you taken?? (Please please please)

  15. Excuse me! There must be some mistake, I am Paris Hilton’s dog and I do not belong in economy class.

  16. Nik

    Don’t complain about 30″ seat pitch folks! It’s really tight down here!

  17. Connor Holland

    Should have upgraded to economy plus ….

  18. Dave S

    Dibs on your lunch leftovers!!

  19. Roger

    Fluffy listens attentively as the flight attendant explains the operation of the emergency exit.

  20. Roger

    Fluffy uses “puppy dog eyes” to try and score a cockpit tour.

  21. Roger

    “You guys asked if I wanted to go bye bye in the car. Nobody mentioned an airplane!”

  22. Roger

    “Huh, look at that. Diet Coke really does fizz longer!”

  23. A sure sign of hearing problems, it’s “Mile High Club” not “Mile High Pup”.

  24. You’re complaining about your leg room on a 12 hour flight?? I have to smell your feet!!

  25. Kevin

    What you feel like after four days with a difficult crew.

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