Proof that first class travel isn’t what it used to be….

Photo courtesy of Elyse Pasquale / Foodie International


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19 responses to “Proof that first class travel isn’t what it used to be….

  1. Barry in La Jolla

    No class travel

  2. Barry in La Jolla

    Memo to the FAA:
    Please refer to prior requests that ejection seats be made mandatory in all classes of all passenger cabins.
    Per photo above, now escalating to emergency request.
    Thank you.

  3. That is seriously grotesque. I just can’t get over it. I really hope someone said something.

  4. Sal

    No sir,neither cheese or toe curls needed on my salad thank you.

  5. Now I will eat my warmed nuts but only after I go to the lav barefoot and forget to wash my hands………and on and on it goes.

  6. Alex

    A few carpet tacks, discreetly sprinkled, will convince even the rudest passenger to keep his shoes on.

  7. I though there was a Dress Code for 1st class!!

  8. Roger

    I guess I’m missing something. Isn’t he just scratching his foot? How is that different then scratching an arm?

  9. Why why why why why? First class isn’t your HOME. Put your feet back on the floor where they belong. Ugh…

  10. No matter the cabin, it is the people who determine the “class!”

  11. An Irish Male In America

    Well now this is what happens when the emergency procedures aren’t properly explained to passengers! “During an emergency landing, place your head in between your legs”. He’s obviously trying to get his legs up high enough to do just that ….. by wrapping them around his neck! What can I say, some people just aren’t as bright as others…

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