Anne Taintor Holiday Travel Gift Giveaway!


UPDATE: This contest is over.  Lucky comment #16 is the winner. Congratulations Lisa Hardwick-Cillessen!

Lisa’s tip:  If waiting in a long line, talk politics. Somehow it always moves things along a little faster. Helps to talk blue politics in red states, red politics in blue states. If you’re loud enough, the people at the counter even seem to move more quickly.

So…how does a bombshell like me get through security?  I have no idea. What I do know is the oven isn’t the only thing I left turned on – in first class.  I wouldn’t joke about something as serious as that.  Hey, we’ve all got our baggage!  Only  mine is WAAAY better than yours!  It is.  Well at least it is now that I have a couple of Anne Taintor luggage tags hanging off the black plastic handle of my rolling crew bag!  Jeez…what else did you think I was talking about?

Since Anne Taintor and I were in the holiday spirit, we decided to team up and do a fun gift giveaway. I mean what traveler couldn’t use a little more fun in their lives? To enter all you have to do is share your best – or funniest – travel tip by Friday, December 14, 2012 and you’ll be entered to win a travel gift set from Anne Taintor.  Winner will be announced Friday Afternoon.

Set includes:

1.   One (1) Anne Taintor Cosmetic Bag – Caption: “another day in paradise” 

2.  One (1) Anne Taintor Luggage Tag – Caption: “so…how does a bombshell like me get through security?

3.  One (1) Anne Taintor Floaty Pen – Caption: “born to be wild”