Flight attendant confessions video

get-attachment.aspxEver wonder what your flight attendant really thinks of you? What they’d tell you if they had the nerve? Or weren’t afraid of being fired? What deep, dark secrets would they reveal about their jobs?

There are 17 Things your flight attendant won’t tell you.  No more.  No less.  And Fox & Friends invited me on their show today to discuss a few of those not-so-secret “secrets” mentioned in the article making waves online.  We talked about coffee, upgrades, turbulence, and getting licked by passengers in flight… Yes, you read that correctly, LICKED.  (We’ve found crazy!) There may have also been something X-rays and giving in birth in flight.

Watch the video at Foxnews.com.  <—- CLICK IT!



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6 responses to “Flight attendant confessions video

  1. Barry in La Jolla

    My hero! Your interviews are getting better and better. Please keep posting them!

  2. Very appropriate! As my husband and I are flying to visit our daughter and her family in 10 days, I’ll be sure to keep this in mind.

  3. Jo Goodwin

    The F/A’ s should add one more item to the carts…. duct tape. Passengers that lick…should be duct taped (as recently seen)

  4. love your posts, LMAO at this one. Happiness is wheels up at nowwhereville…. Telma xxxx

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