Hey Siri, was that my plane?!



Photo credit: Heather Poole

Caption:  @AviationPhotographic



May 20, 2013 · 4:24 pm

20 responses to “Hey Siri, was that my plane?!

  1. Aliti

    Neo, which one should I choose? Red or blue?

  2. Alex

    “No darling, the batteries on this aircraft look fine?!”

  3. Lance

    What stairs?

  4. Petter

    Oh dear, thought James, the queue I need to be in doesn’t match my rollaboard…

  5. Lorne

    So it looks like my flight left ontime!! I thought it was going to be late! Maybe I’ll call customer service and they can call the pilots to come back and get me and my red bag?? Hello? Hello? One for english…Two for domestic travel…Yes…I’ll hold…

  6. Barry in La Jolla

    Hark, Hark! Is that board call for me??

  7. Hey, who switched my sober black bag for this red thing?

  8. Ok Honey, I’m at the gate now. There’s a black sign and a red sign. Yes, I have the red bag. Does that mean I go in the red line?

  9. Hey Siri – was that my plane?

  10. Steve

    “Quick get the spray, the gate lice have started!”

  11. Ian Leonard

    It’s says “Dhaka, is that the same as Dakar dear?”…….

  12. Anne

    It’s gone Mum My plane os gone !

  13. Dammit, I left my red hi heels home!

  14. Roger Pierson

    “Hello? Yeah….I think I should have made that left turn in Albuquerque…

  15. Foredeck

    Honey, I forget, am I SkyVantage Rapid Miles Black Elite or RewAArds Miles Plus Red Premium?

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