Photo of the day: You can take the boy out of economy, but not economy out of the boy


Photo Credit: Steven Frischling

Caption credit: Stefan Paetow


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20 responses to “Photo of the day: You can take the boy out of economy, but not economy out of the boy

  1. Sometimes when I fly I like to catch up on The Journal while I let Mr Happy out to watch the inflight movie. He just loves those old Friends reruns.

  2. Maggie Carey

    You are not at the GYN-o’s office….Please put your shoes on and your feet down.

  3. Michael

    In the event a moronic passenger decides to share his ripe foot odor with other passengers, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling panel above you

  4. Considering his options for ensuring a future upgrade, Tom decided to mark his seat with Gold Bond foot powder. (or) “What? This isn’t the brace position?”

  5. Convenience Airlines announces their new onboard feature: MD consultations via Skype. Our CEO is demonstrating in the picture shown. But, imagine the convenient appointment a woman can have with her OBGYN while enroute. We go the extra mile for our customers!

  6. Ian

    Having applied the screen polish to the soles of the socks, please move feet in a horizontal motion back and forth until the screen sparkles. Repeat as required throughout the flight lol

  7. Foredeck

    The passenger seated in front of him kept complaining that his ankles kept boxing her ears, so we upgraded him.

  8. Foredeck

    Short form: “Upgraded when his ankles kept boxing her ears.”

  9. So THIS is what the wife feels like 2x a year…you really CAN feel a breeze like this.

  10. Business Class brace position.

  11. buzz

    First Class does not necessarily mean you have Class…

  12. Really! First class and the IFE screen is falling out already? Time to change airlines…….

  13. JR

    This Pax had time to read his newspaper while waiting for the FA to deliver his foot massage

  14. “Stewardess, I’m ready for my pedicure”

  15. Barry in La Jolla

    The epic struggle of man vs airline takes on a new dimension … passengers physically pushing back against lower seat pitches. What will those passengers try next!??

  16. Stephen Weller

    Feet in the stirrups please Miss!

  17. Sal

    Short men don’t like their feet to dangle.

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