PHOTO OF THE DAY: Where’s the adult-free zone?

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Caption it!


August 23, 2013 · 7:57 pm

28 responses to “PHOTO OF THE DAY: Where’s the adult-free zone?

  1. TEB2350

    Is this where I get my in-flight pedicure?

  2. Dan Cutrona


  3. Hmmmm, wait till flight attendent Barbie comes whipping down the aisle with that cart……WHACK!……oooops sorry, I didn’t see your bare foot.

  4. BF

    I can’t understand why people feel its ok to force me to look at their feet??? Pretty or not put them away!

  5. Frodo Baggins was very proud of his newly shaved feet. But the elf in 17A was not impressed.

  6. Irish

    .”There’s …. something………… on the……. armrest!”

  7. Irish

    This is the last time I book the “Foot Fetish” section…

  8. Irish

    Wow…… this happens every single time the invisible man flies in economy……

  9. Heather M

    No shoes no shirt…no pretzels.

  10. Cal Ford

    “Piggies on a Plane …..”

  11. Lance B

    Excuse me in front… When you get a chance I need a foot rub… TIA!

  12. Leesa Grauel

    OH, this is an airplane? NOT my OBGYN?

  13. Barry in La Jolla

    If he falls asleep, I am sooo painting those toenails!

  14. Barry in La Jolla

    Wait … my dad’s feet smell just like these. Don’t tell me that *all* guys are like this!?

  15. Barry in La Jolla

    If I sit out on the wing, will the smell follow me out there, too?? Arg.

  16. Barry in La Jolla

    If there isn’t a person attached to that foot, I’m outa here!

  17. Studley

    “I thought the Flight Attendant said that Catering ran out of cheese.”

  18. Frodo Baggins shows off his newly shaved feet to the elf in 17B

  19. Who’s “D” do I have to “S” to get a pedi around here?

  20. Roger Pierson

    “Now more leg room than any other airline!”

  21. MAIN CABIN EXTRA……..14.00. Shoes and socks…..priceless.

  22. If you think that’s bad, just guess what they’ve left probably left in the seat back pocket! #PaxPleaseDontBeGross

  23. what was that.. Did somebody fart?

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