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Ron, Johnny Jet, & The Savvy Nav in the Lav


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Hi Heather,

Keeping up with the Laviators Club Taken on a flight from AVP to CLT on a Canadair Regional Jet from USAir Express (Gotta love these little planes … in and out in a couple of minutes and on top of that, they take care of your carry on. Almost like a private jet!).

Related pet peeve… fellow passengers who do not bother to close the lavatory’s door after they are done. Pretty annoying if you are sitting in the back of the plane. And I like to be sitting in the back of the plane because your chances of nobody sitting next to you are always better in the back.

Great blogging and happy flying !!


Jonathan – Twitter @katzmandu

Where’s the freakin coffee packet that should be hanging on the back of the lavatory door? That’s what I’m thinking Chris is thinking as he poses for his official laviator shot. Or maybe that’s just what I’m thinking as I wonder what you’re thinking? If, by chance, LAVIATORS UNITE! is not what you’re thinking, you should probably click here . Now. CLICK IT ALREADY.

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Travel writer Jessica Spiegel joins the laviators club!

Taken en route from MSP to AMS (which was part of a bigger trip, en route from PDX to MXP). Luckily, it was very dark on the plane & most people were asleep, so no one saw me tucking my camera into the baggie with my toothbrush for this trip to the lav.



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Say hello to the newest laviators!

Stork123 – you can follow him on twitter! (I do.)

Everyone, say hello to Paul. Paul, say hello to everyone. Laviators Unite!

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Notorious Meg joins the laviators club!

So…when are you going to join? Don’t know what I’m talking about? READ THIS before your next flight

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Laviators unite!

Recently I wrote a post, the hottest trend on the airplane since the mile high club, about something disturbing, yet quite intriguing, that was taking place not just on the airplane, but behind the locked lavatory door at 35,000 feet. Passengers, and I’m talking all kinds of passengers, have been photographing themselves in the bathroom. Alone. Doing what, I don’t know. But they look like they’re just standing there. And I wanted to do it, too.

I had written, “Oh you better believe I’ll be taking my own self portrait in the lav on my next flight to New York on Wednesday. Until then, check out these interesting shots.” And then I added a photo gallery I’d put together of passengers I’d found on standing in the lav, camera in hand.

One Gadling reader responded, “Heather, if you do photograph yourself in the lav, please spare us the picture! I think people will lose any respect they have for you.”

Sounds to me like someone needs to lighten up, and they can start by grabbing their camera and joining the club – the laviators club. I did! Nope, that’s not me up there in the photo, that’s first officer Kent Wien, who also joined the club. I guess we both just had to do it. Even though my seat mate did look at me a little funny after he caught me trying to sneak my camera into the front pocket of my pants.

The first thing I did when I got home was download the photo onto my blog. I had a good laugh and I honestly thought that would be that, end of story. But a few days later I got an email with a photo attached from a Gadling reader. “This one’s for you,” Nate wrote, and that’s all he wrote, and it cracked me up!

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