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  • I only give buddy passes to peope I hate. Then I can gleefully relish when they get stranded in Senegal for 10 days – Bob, the singing pilot
  • Wanna know what my flight attendant fantasy is?  A 20 hour layover where we can SLEEP & EAT! – Shelby
  • Most of my flight attendant fantasies involve crew meals cooked to perfection and not being given cabin maintenance write ups 20 seconds prior to landing! – Bob, the singing pilot
  • I have another flight attendant fantasy. Fortunately, my wife is a good woman and indulges me with role playing. Forgive me if this is too personal to share.  I have my wife dress up in a polyester uniform which she has worn for the last 3 days, and has gotten drink stains on.  Then she locks me in a dark closet at around 5pm with a running vacuum cleaner and a bunch of small TV screens to stare at.  After three hours, she serves me a frozen salad, stale nuts, semi-rotten appetizers, a burnt dry piece of chicken, and metallic tasting coffee.  When finished with dinner, I call her to let me out so I can use the bathroom. She opens the door 23 minutes later. If I’m lucky, I’ll get 2 more bathroom breaks later.  At around 8am, she finally lets me out.  Then I clear customs. We hop on a bus for a 45 minute ride. She talks about her cats while enroute.  By then, I’m way too tired for sex……..but can’t help shake the feeling that I’ve somehow been screwed!  – Bob (again), the singing pilot
  • As I’m shlepping the beverage cart through the aisle, some knucklehead provokes me to say: “Please do NOT poke the Stewardess.” You can’t even touch a stripper – what makes you think you can touch a Stewardess? I’m wearing polyester, my work shoes are strictly for comfort and I like to be in bed by 10pm whenever possible. Which part of “Never poke the Stewardess” do you not comprehend? – Dennis
  • On a DC10 in Chicago, waiting for pushback. F/As call the cockpit; there’s some kind of conflict in coach. Captain’s reading a magazine, I’m the plumber. He says “go back there, boy, and see what the problem is.”In mid cabin, a 40-ish woman is arguing with two F/As who are telling her there’s no more room for hanging bags in the closet (remember those “up and away” hanging closets?) so the bag would have to be checked.  I take the garment bag, assure the woman that I will personally get a gate check tag, and put it in the cargo hold myself.  I get a tag from the gate counter, go downstairs onto the sub-freezing ramp in shirt sleeves and place the bag in a cargo module about to be loaded. Then I personally take the claim check to her in the main cabin. She just glares at me and says, “You f___cking assh_le.”  Without saying a word, I went through First Class, out the L-1 door to the jetbridge, then downstairs AGAIN freezing in shirtsleeves, found her garment bag, ripped the destination tag off, then walked over to an MD80 going I have no idea where and threw her bag into the forward cargo hold.  Thawing out on the flight deck, the captain’s still reading his magazine. “Problem solved, boy?”  “Yessir. All taken care of.”  – Chris
  • Upon securing his area. A pax demands a beer. the crew smiles graciously and says “I will be back with your beer Sir”. He then says : “I want it now!” loudly. he replies, “of course sir, I will get it now”. He goes back to the galley. Picks a nice, warm heineken, shakes it, and goes back to the customer with coasters, nuts, and every possible tidbit to make him happy. Seconds later he hears his whole area laughing their heads off.  The twat had beer all over his face… Neighbours cracking up next to him telling him to ask politely next time and avoid self-embarrassment. – Anonymous crew at EK

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  1. I once rebooked a woman into a different (read: crappier) seat on a flight because we had difficulties with her reservation and she called me all sorts of names in another language she didn’t think I or my co-worker understood!

    Needless to say, she would have loved 5 hours next to the lav on the plane we affectionately called ‘Stinky’ ;)

  2. Yesterday, in TPA…we had a lovely (groan) three hour sit. My flying partners & I found a great quiet spot to hang out in and pass the time–reading and using our laptops. Shortly thereafter came two women, who sat very near us. They proceeded to put their phone convos on speakerphone–and talk and carry on like they were at a party. They were obnoxious and knew it. A couple of friendly and professional glares…er, um…glances their way did nothing to quiet them down.

    Of course, they ended up on our flight. Sorry to say, I did not feel the least bit badly for them when, during push-back, one of the ladies stopped me as we were doing our safety checks. She had left her phone in her seat at the gate and wanted the pilots to turn around and go back to the gate so she could get it.

    Karma, baby…

    I was nice enough to give her the customer service number for when she landed….

  3. About a year ago, flying back from Italy to JFK, I get a call from the lead FA.

    She says a male passenger assaulted one of the other female FA’s. “Oh my god, is she OK? Do you want us to land right now. We can put down in Boston and the airport cops will beat the crap out of this guy,” I said.

    The lead said no, the guy is not that big of a threat. He has no legs. The FA is OK.

    “I’m sorry, did you say he has no legs?” I replied.

    Yes, said the lead.

    “Well, how did he assualt the FA?” I inquired.

    She said: Well, he can sort of walk. Only his lower legs are missing. He hobbles around. Anyway, he shoved a galley cart into one of the other FAs repeatedly.

    That was a fun call to JFK operations, trying explain to them, and the police, what was going on.

    The cops who met us at the gate got a real kick out of that one. [No pun intended.]

  4. Frequent Flier

    An FA taught me a great trick on how to get the person in front of me to not lean back in their seat.

    I was flying from the UK to NY on Virgin Airlines and I was stuck in the last row and in the middle. I was in hell. The person in front of me proceeds to lean their seat-back all the way the instant we take off and of course I couldn’t lean mine back at all as my row was up against a bulkhead wall. There wasn’t enough room between my nose and the seat-back in front of me to fit a paperback book–it would touch the chair and my nose…

    I crawled out and went to the rest room. A nice FA pulled me aside and said, “Here take this.” It was a small mister from the first class travel bags. She gave me the following advice while keeping her voice low. “Ask them nicely if they wouldn’t mind not reclining their seat back so much. If they don’t respond simply pretend to sneeze a couple of times. On your third sneeze use this and spritz the bugger on the back of the head a little. Works every time!” and gave me a wink.

    I thanked her and crawled back in to my seat. After a few minutes of going cross eyed and having the hair on the back of their head nearly grace my nose I followed her instructions. The man in front of me basically told me what I could do with my suggestion. I waited five minutes and proceeded to sneeze then spritz. That seat back flew up almost instantly and I spent the remaining 9 hours in comfort.


    • Heather Poole

      I’ve been known to leave a package of tissues out on my tray table during boarding, while traveling as a passenger, even when I don’t need them. :)

      • Virginia

        Wish I had read this before going to Maui. Had my laptop out to show some photos to a lovely person next to me. The seat in front of me suddenly slammed back all the way (coach), compressed my laptop top and I no longer have battery power! When I fly coach, I do not recline my seat, there just is not enough room plain and simple.

    • cool idea. I will have to remember that.

    • This is fantastic….I have GOT to remember this one on my next business trip…Typically I get stuck in the last seat, last row, next to the lav on the CRJ-200….awesome seats(dripping sarcasm).

  5. Best name tag on a F/A:

    Excuse Me Miss

    It was a few years ago, but I cracked up when I read it.

  6. Teddy

    There is no true excuse to get to that point over a drink and I do sympathize with the passengers for their ordeal, however, how was the actual request dialog exchanged. To acurately evaluate the story I would like to know. Was it during safety checks and proceedures? Had the plane been catered yet, was there even any juice on board? Was he told politely no first then insisted? Was the FA trying to deal with a no-go maintainence problem, given discreet information to deal with from an on-board Federal Marshall or other more pressing concern than juice? Had the FA been flying three or four days in a row, 3 or 4 flights a day with little sleep. It is possible there may be more than just obstinance involved. I think the Airlines should quit serving beverages and food and just get passengers safely to their destination and avoid these types of service problems altogether. Teddy

  7. Heather Campbell

    Hey Heath… My thing is WHY OH WHY do we have smelly feet after donning our inflight shoes??? It is not a braintease but a fact! I have tried leather, fabric and any kind of different kind of shoe and we all still get smelly feet syndrome! I have taken a poll and it happens to all of us! The Dr. scholl’s thing helps but still??? What gives???

  8. omg–hilarious confessions! more!

  9. I Have to say… I didn’t expect the “Do Not Poke a Stewardess” post to have come from “Dennis.”

  10. Ticked off Pax Confession

    I’m one of the road warriors that spends nearly as much time in the air and hotels as flight crews. I generally sympathize with FAs, especially during this time of year which I call “amateur season”.

    You, like me, probably also hate inconsiderate hotel guests, those who come in late at night, have loud conversations in the hallway, and allow room doors to slam in the middle of the night. Its even worse when you have a short night already due to a late meeting and a 4Am wake up call and a full day of meetings in the next city before catching a late night flight home for the weekend.

    But revenge is sweet. You see, I ignored it when the first late arriving flight crew slammed their doors at 12:30Am and I rolled over and went back to sleep about 15 or 20 minutes later.

    But shortly thereafter another flight crew did the above as they checked in at 1:30am, standing outside their room doors (and mine) yacking it up loudly enough to wake me, and long enough for me to have time to put pants on, open the door and point out that they were being quite rude and to please keep it down. All I got were arrogant looks and smirks…, then more doors slamming, and again a few minutes later as they hung the “do not disturb” signs on their doors.

    So since I could not go back to sleep anyhow, I got more work done and left the hotel early to get some coffee on my way to the airport. But before leaving, I direct dialed each of their rooms and, as soon as they answered the phone, in my most pleasant voice announced it was their wake up call.

    Oh, yeah, and before that, I removed the “Do not disturb” signs from their doors, took their newspapers, and placed used room service trays in front of their doors as well, that way the housekeeping crew would be more likely to knock as this is their signal the room is likely vacated.

    Revenge is sweet indeed. To the Delta crew that had an early wake up call near CLT, you deserved it. To other crews who read this, please, have some consideration when you are in the same position. I do.

    • Bob, the badky singing pilot

      OK. Those crews were indeed inconsiderate. And you have every right to be angry. I would be.

      Let me ask you something though.

      If you were a passenger on an early morning flight and the pilots had not gotten much sleep, would you prefer those pilots to call in “tired” thus cancelling your flight, or would you rather they just suck it up and fly tired while jeopardizing your safety?

      Just curious.

      • Craig

        If the pilots were so ‘tired’ maybe they should have gone to bed, rather than trying to have a party in the hallway. Basic coutesy goes both ways.

      • Ticked off Pax Confession

        In a way, you are reinforcing my point about the flight crew being self-centered.

        Why would you not observe that by disrupting MY night of sleep, they had already jeopardized MY safety and that of my coworkers, customers, others sharing the road with me on my way to work/airport?

        What if I told you…

        I am a nuclear plant safety engineer who inspects nuclear plants for dangerous conditions…

        I am a pediatric heart surgeon who performs very difficult heart operations on children each day and postponing an operation can cause that child their life…

        I am a race car driver who spends the week meeting sponsors and the weekend driving at speeds higher than the takeoff speed of your aircraft…

        I am a law enforcement officer who is expected to only draw my weapon on armed perpetrators and must make the decision under tremendous pressure and in milliseconds…

        Can you imagine the repercussions of me showing up at work tired?

        Well guess what… I really am one of those. and calling in “tired” is not an option for me.

    • Joe Willis

      After working in several hotels where aircrews stay, I can honestly state that I have little sympathy for them. For starters, they are the most self centered individuals that I have ever met. If they have to wait more than 5 minutes for a van, everyone in the crew calls the hotel demanding where it is. Then comes the fun part, they arrive at the front desk. Even though the rooms are pre assigned to keep the crews together and away from the other guests so that they can sleep in peace, that’s not good enough. They want to change the rooms and begin to abuse the front desk attendants. Now, I understand that I may have been a long flight and that they are tired, but we are kind of in the same line of work. Abusing the front desk and calling therm names and cursing does not make it easier. Usually when the crews gets in late at night, there is only one person on the desk and a driver. Demanding to open up the kitchen or to move them to upgrades is not always possible. Trust me, we are doing the best we can if not so much as to just make the crew stop whining,
      The airlines spend less per room than anyone else, but they do most of the whining and are the most demanding. We do not mind honoring requests when we can, but if we do not have a smoking room available and the conditions of the contract states do no place the crew in a smoking room, that does not give you the right to smoke in it anyways.
      Plus, we do have other guests. Having impromptu parties in the room does not allow for a harmonious environment at 1:00 AM. Then I have to field complaints from other guests. I understand that the job is not always an easy one, but please remember that we are all in the same boat and are just trying to please…..

  11. Too funny. I once called the party room at 5AM and asked for the wrong name. They had kept me up all night. These were other flight attendants…go figure.

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  13. All due respect Ticked Off, but some hotels have those door closer things that no matter how hard I try to close the door quietly, it still slams. And then automatically makes a loud noise when it re-locks.

    Not all of us are being inconsiderate! :)

    • Ticked off Pax Confession

      Yes, I agree with you. That was not the main gist of my unhappiness, it was the chatter from one room to the others 4 doors down the hallway. That was completely unnecessary, uncalled for, and not just a quick “good night” but, as I posted originally, long enough for me to wake, get dressed and open the door to confront them.

      And understand, I am not generalizing on flight crews. As a road warrior, I am “elite” on a couple of carriers and am usually one of the first to board the planes. I get to watch the hilarity (for me, not you) as people drag and try to shove bags that never should have been allowed past the gate into the overheads.

      Plus you all have tough jobs made sometimes more difficult by your own companies’ policies…
      (We charge to check bags but not for carry ons… Really? What genius came up with that business model? How about reversing that whole concept: You get one free checked bag, but carry on and second bags cost $25 each. Watch those bins go mostly empty except for road warriors who don’t pay the fees anyhow and generally travel light anyway. )

      Anyhow, I was just getting this off my chest on that particular set of 3 individuals. I’ve caught up on my sleep and I’ll be on my best behavior for you and your peers on my way to from AUS to DFW, AGS, FLL, ORD and back to AUS in 3 days this week.

      And as the captain that was heading up the escalator while I was heading down at 6:45am last week said to me, “we live the life, don’t we?”

      Fly safe.


      • Contessa

        Couldn’t agree more, about reversing the bag checking fee. Less chaos, quicker turn time. Not brain surgery.
        Another fine example of corporate making decisions that look good on paper…

      • Amy

        I’m a flight attendant and I totally agree…..that makes me so mad when I’m sleeping and people are loud in the hallways!

  14. Not sure if this really counts, but here goes … My mom worked in Special Services at AA for almost 15 years. One day, while working in the Admirals Club, a woman came up to the desk looking to change her seat (she had a middle seat). She was looking for an aisle seat, however, there were none available. So my mom says something to the tune of “There are a few windows open, would you like one?” and the woman replies, “I can’t sit by the window, I just had my hair done.”

    Another pax asked to book a ticket on an earlier flight to Mexico. She was asked by my mother, “In first or coach?” This woman replies, “Do they both arrive at the same time?”

  15. Hope my name doesn’t appear on this. How about called me my initials, “VD?”
    If a passenger was completely rude and annoying, I always insisted on pouring their drink for them and offered them frequently. I would switch diet for the real stuff. If questioned, I would bring out a can of half-poured diet so that they could see that I really did use Diet (I didn’t).

    • ann

      You are why we get a bad name! shame on you!!! hope someone does that to you, if you ever have an illness!!

    • Nobody Special

      That seems dangerous, what if they were type one diabetic?

      • arg53

        There are also conditions in which people cannot digest sucrose (the sugar in most soda) at all. Congenital Sucrase Isomaltase Deficiency, for example. If a person with CSID were to drink regular soda, they would end up extremely ill, and you would be looking at a medical emergency requiring an emergency landing.

      • xm

        That isnt dangerous, actually its safer to have a higher bld glucose level in a diabetic than to have a hypo(ie low bld glucose level)

    • Jard

      return your ID & uniform this instant !!

    • Herb Mann

      that’s pretty stupid. The passenger could be a diabetic and that amount of sugar in a short time could really be dangerous.

  16. PlanePrincess

    Ok, I have to get this off my chest…

    Just got back from a certain South American destination which is notorious for high maintenance passengers, frustrating situations, frequent medical emergencies and general mayhem. In other words, a trip frequented by junior weenies like myself :-) One of the annoying things about this trip is the way the pax get your attention: Making this utterly degrading “PPPPSSSSTTTTT” noise followed by painful finger poking into any soft flesh of the desired flight attendant.

    On this particular leg, after dealing with a First Class diva and other shenanigans I had reached the end of my rope. While doing a walk-through in the main cabin, a lady who had been particularly frustrating chose that moment to Pppssssttt and finger-poke me in a particularly bruised/sunburned spot. Knee-jerk reaction, I whirled around and poked her right back drawing a “Hey!”

    “Did you like that?!” I asked.

    “Well of course not!” she replied indignantly.

    “If you don’t like it why would you think that I’d like it anymore?! If you want to get my attention then you can say ‘Excuse me, miss’ or ring your call button, but don’t hiss at me like an animal or poke me rudely!” Spin on heel, stomp off to galley, take a deep breath and count to five. Walk back up to woman all sunshine and smiles, “Now, where were we… ma’am, did you need something?”

    Mouth agape, woman shakes head “no”. No one in her general area poked me for the rest of the flight ;-)

  17. I love you Heather! Glad you hand the balls to let our world be known! Keep up the good work! Now if we just can get a global group therapy workshop going we’d have a shot at being somewhat ‘ normal’! Naaaah

  18. Rick

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a particular flight attendant. I’ve flown with her a few times but can’t seem to remember her name. She’s in her late 40s early 50s. Short dark hair/spiked. Could be Italian. She’s from the New York/Jersey area. She flies from New Jersey.

  19. I love these flight attendant confessions! Bob the singing pilot seems to have lost the plot a little, though.


    A typical 3-hour flight from SFO-DFW involves at some point a lav break for the pilots. There are many times when I step into the cockpit while the Captain has stepped back to use the lav. The dynamics in that short period of time between the FA and the FO can set the tone for the rest of the trip. I like to break the ice as soon as I step into the cockpit. “Hi, how’s your day? Oh, that’s nice. Hey, let’s turn this bird back around toward SFO and let’s just see if the Captain notices when he get’s back.” Yeah, we would probably be noticed by ATC but hey, at least we both shared a laugh! :-)

  21. These are hilarious, thanks for sharing!

  22. Today is the 20th anniversary of my wife’s passing. Her name was Franja. She was an LA-based American Airlines Flight Attendant starting in 1964 and retiring in 1986. Four years after her retirement she died of alcohol-related complications. In those days, the airlines did not have any alcohol-drug rehab programs in place and everybody was on their own. She tried, we tried, she died. I will always love her….he ashes are spread around the LeSouvenier statue in Montparnasse Cemetary, her favorite morning walking place. Post this if you like, I just needed to find a place on the web to post my rememberance where people who understand could remember along with me. Thanks. P

    • Heather Poole

      I’m so sorry to hear this, Patrick. Thankfully at my airline flight attendants who seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction do get the support they need.

      • ann

        Heather fyi, American Airlines has help and always has had help for substance abuse. I’ve been flying since 1982 and there has always been help for those who seek it.

  23. Craig

    The staff involved in the LAST TWO ‘incidents’ (one 2nd Officer and one FA) deserve Gold Stars in my book! Great work! Those PAX Earned your extra consideration.

  24. when I said that Im out of milk, beer, chicken meals etc…. I mean it! I cannot call ground and get it beamed up for you! Just get over it! And dont complain… it will not get you any further!

  25. Hi everyone, i don’t mean to infringe on the crew confessions here, they are lovely as they are, but on my flight to the US i felt treated a little differently. Now that I understand the amount of pressure that might be there on you folks I am just interested in getting some of the crew confessions on if and how they might treat passegners from south east asia a little differently.

    Here is a link to my post.

    • Heather Poole

      I have never seen or even heard of a flight attendant treating a passenger differently because of their race. My colleagues are of all different races, so a comment like yours doesn’t make sense. I’m sorry you felt that you were being treated differently, but that could have been for any other number of reasons as well. Once, a long time ago, I was accused of being racist because I accidentally skipped a row of passengers during the beverage service. I was tired and forgetful, not racist.

      • Hi thanks for you reply,
        I don’t mean to make accusations of any kind, changes in behaviour are of a very subtle kind and there can be very many factors behind them. At the same time I couldn’t help but notice on my flights how the flight attendants were visbily louder with passengers of a certain race and persumable background. And all that my post is about is feeling sadness of seeing us humans subtely adjusting our behaviours depending on our pre thought notions of others. Maybe it’s just me to feel the brunt a little more than the rest and be more sensitive to it since I am in an inter racial relationship.

      • Jard

        I am an ex flight attendant for 10 yrs… a Pacific Islander… and while travelling on holidays in the US I did feel that I was also treated differently… I sat & watched the so called service by the crew members & couldn’t believe what I was seeing… on the airline I was working for we welcomed & chatted with all races on our flights and made them feel welcome in our part of the world… there I have never felt so less than the toilet… I think they didn’t even want to serve me food in case they came close to me… even the passenger next to me moved her seat with the approval of the fas on the flight with the look of “yes we’d better get you away from him”… when I went back home I realised that I had a hispanic look with a hint of asian… so yes i also felt i was treated differently to say it mildly… this was many years back american airlines chicago to san francisco….. avoided that airline since…

  26. lisa

    i remember traveling from chicago to ny and this lady at the get was so nasty to me , it was not even funny . cause i had a buddy pass , the most annoying part was that she deliberately ignored us and made sure that flight left with out us and when she was asked why she did it she said ” none rev” . like it was an airborne disease .
    what sucked most was that i bought that tickets and paid for it at the same price that a regular ticket cost without knowing that my so called friend had scammed me i did not find it funny .
    i felt so bad, the gate agents all gathered and started making fun of me as if i stole the ticket. i even went to the girl to ask if there was something that i did to her without knowing, so that i could apologize for it .Guess what she screamed at me and said ” lady ur none rev ” i had no idea what that meant , i ask to speak to a manager but none showed up , i was so upset because i just got treated like an ass over nothing . seriously thats not cool.
    as for the girl that sold me the ticket she got fired not for what she did to me , am very sure that there where other people that she did the same thing to , that was not as patient as i was .
    i alway tell people “u will rip whatever u sow ” good or bad , seriously its not rocket science .

    • ann

      It is sad that you got treated that way. Non Rev or not we should be kind to each other and that was a poor excuse. American Airlines has always treated my family and friends kindly when they traveled on my passes. I’ve been with American since 1982 and could not image working for another company!!!

    • Constant Air Traveler

      I symphatize with you as I did have almost the same bad experience just a few months ago. I was flying home from PHL to ERI on a regional airline as a non rev pax from a FA job interview. I couldn’t get on the flight and had to sleep on the airport seats (not anybody else’s fault but merely for my lack of funds after having spent 180 bucks at a hotel the night before) to catch the next flight the next day. It was in a way a blessing in disguise because the many long hours I had to stay at the terminal gave me the opportunity to witness some rude, very unprofessional behaviors of some of the gate agents. First it started with the very casual behavior of trivial chatting and even dancing (shake your booty kinda dancing) in front of awaiting passengers. Soon after there was a conflict of performance decision by the dancer and her senior coworker about releasing passengers on standby. It was more of a yelling actually right in the faces of other passengers on-standby. Fast forward, I approached the gate agents counter when everybody had boarded their planes and left and other who couldn’t have proceeded to other areas….perhaps a hotel room that I could not afford that evening. So, I asked if they let me know when the next day’s available flight to ERI was. One young man said it would be at 9 PM or so while the young lady standing next to him whispered 5 AM. The next day arrived and I was one of the first ones at the terminal greeting good morning to the early bird gate agents. There was this lady that opened the computer systems at the terminal that actually smiled at me. So, I asked her where she got her coffee to break the ice. Then I asked her if she could check for me when the first flight to ERI was and she said at 9 AM and I should not have a problem to board that flight. So, I waited patiently for the flight and about an hour before boarding time, I asked the gate agent if she could help me with a new boarding pass. Instead of getting my information, she told me to come back later because she was busy. So, I waited at one of the seats near enough for her to see me and for me to hear her gossiping with her coworker. OK…she was busy and I didn’t mind being a bit more patient as I was a non-rev passenger. Just about boarding, she signed to me to come to her and asked me if I were some dude stated on a new boarding pass. I said, no, and then she asked me to go to the agents desk to sort it out. So, I did and then I went back to her. As soon as she saw my new boarding pass, she exclaimed, no wonder I couldn’t see your name in the system because you were booked for the 9 PM flight! OK, I was in the system for the earlier flight the day before and instead of putting me in the system for the next available morning flight, someone actually put me in the last flight? Having said that, couldn’t the situation been resolved should the lady at least take a look at my initial unused/rejected boarding pass to help me out?

      As to another story about a FA speaking extra loudly to an ethnic passenger, I had the same experience just a few weeks before this bad experience. As a professional adult who speaks fluent English but does not look like a typical “native speaker” of the English language, I was told by a lady flight attendant in a super loud and super kindergarten English where to retrieve my luggage that I had volunteered to have checked in while many others refused. Was I upset? Yes, and I said loudly back to her, I know! And she yelled back to me, THANK YOU!!! Later when she was serving beverages, she asked me what I wanted for a drink. I said, apple juice with no ice, please! Instead she gave me water. So, I figured she did that because water sounded like apple juice with no ice.

      In both cases, I think it is less of the bad characters of the individuals involved but more of a lack of proper training and supervision by the airlines personnell or maybe just pure complacency. It is a shame when jobs are scarce and yet some of those who are luckily employed don’t appreciate the fact that they are. Is it just us here in the USA because my flights to Europe (Paris, Lisbon, Amsterdam) on Air France were fabulous.

    • Jard

      they should be disciplined for treating any customer that way… any customer….

    • vclare

      I fly numerous times a year and pay for most of my trips and I have flown as a “non rev ” more than once and have on occasion had that reference made it a somewhat negative way. I know what I am getting and I value it greatly.” A last minute trip to help a daughter mend a broken heart, mother’s day”….I am so lucky to have a friend who is able to gift this privilege. I work in the service industry, in addition I volunteer and many people assume I am being paid, hence rudeness will rear it’s ugly head, so I can empathized with the plight of some inconsiderate people. But NEVER think for a moment I don’t appreciate these gifts, I do. Besides, it is easier to be nice than not, if feels good.

  27. Bejo

    Most compassionate service ever. Flying home SFO to SYD after I’d learned my mother was ill, on a stand-by ticket procured for me by a friend of a friend who was well placed in United, upgraded to Business Class, treated kindly.

    Service was great, subtle, flawless. Simple things like a topped up glass of water by my side each time a woke (over night flight) made it easy for me to sleep and prepare for an unplanned an anxious homecoming.

    It’s easy to thank United, harder to thank the people involved back around 8 July 2001. Maybe there was nothing special that flight; maybe those people are always that good, they have my thanks anyway.

  28. ChingyINTHESKY

    Hi, just had a passenger checked in late 45 mins prior to departure on an international flight. Rings the flight attendant call button right after take off. Lucky me answered her call light..She asked me if I could go downstairs to the cargo hold to check if her and her bf’s luggage made it on the airplane. Then she proceed to be pissed off and persistent after I told her there is no way I can check to see if your bags made it to the plane and definitely even if we had access to the cargo hold (you idiot) I wouldn’t dig through 94857398643 bags down there for YOU. Maybe someone shouldn’t have checked in 45 mins prior….ON AN INTERNATIONAL flight (irresponsible) Please be upset at me when you were the irresponsible one.
    Then she wrote a bad comment on the survey form about me. I took it from my colleague and ripped it. That’s how I roll. This same passenger also asked for 829579482 things and press the call light 3825239 times. TELL ME I DID I BAD JOB ONE MORE TIME. I hope they loose your baggage in SFO :)

    **i CLEANED the hell out of 3 lavatories swearing under my breath for a good hour.**

    whew its nice to get things off my chest

  29. I wonder if Bob would give me a buddy pass. I’m sure I can get him to hate me ;)

  30. sssssss

    its funny and this read(s) make my day better

  31. I have flown a lot in my life and I’m still rather young so I have a lot more flying to go. My life is so hectic I actually look forward to flying!! Everyone that I have encountered (well.. most of the time) is very hospitable! Anyway, I am just a passenger sharing my experiences.. so here goes!

    I was deployed over seas and I had a LOOONG flight home. I flew out of Iraq on a cargo plane.. FUN! Caught a flight in Kuwait to Germany, I LOVED THE FAs!! They were so sweet and understanding that we were having a rough time trying to get back. Prior to getting on this flight mind you I slept on the ground with everything I owned for a week. I had to go through agonizing long lines to get my ticket and (No joke) 175lb ruck and vest and helmet, 75lb personal bag, 75lb carry on and 50lb laptop bag (2 laptops, ipad, paperwork, ect) I had to lug all over the place. I was so tired that I passed out as soon as we got on the plane, I don’t sleep very well so I wasn’t out long. The FA on my side actually bumped me and the person I was escorting back state side to First Class.

    I fell in love with her! (No in a romantic way, just an unbelievably grateful way), not to mention she gave me a hot towel! I was so happy to wash my face after not being able to shower for a few days (Baby wipes save lives, fyi) I was rather embarrassed when I gave it back to her though, my face was bright red and shinning and my towel had seen better days. After that I couldn’t stay awake and fell asleep again.
    When I woke I noticed that my tray was down and there was hot food (YAY!!) on my tray! I teared up a little. No kidding. I was so happy that someone was so thoughtful to be quite enough to sneak that into my lap and not even wake me, knowing how tired we were. (It still tears me up a bit thinking about that.) I will never forget her after that!

    We land in Germany and we had to wait for.. well I think it was supposed to be 4 hours? I’m not sure how long we were there I think about 6 hours (I fell asleep when I sat down and I was in a bit of a fog). Then we all got back on the plane to head HOME!! Well we went into ATL then I had to go to St. Paul and then to Wisconsin. So that’s 5 plane rides so far! Carrying all my gear, except for the Germany to ATL flight.

    I out processed in a day, while it was sleeting and raining and about 40 degrees. Remember, I just came from mid-120s overseas and I did not have a jacket at the time. After running in the sleet by foot to get everything done we also managed to book a flight for the next morning! I was ALMOST there. I was SO close I could taste it!! We both live in Iowa and that was our final destination and we were in Wisconsin. I could’ve had someone drive up and get us but we had to follow protocol.

    So we had to hop a plane back to St. Paul. We had a very long layover in St. Paul and met some very nice gentlemen waiting for the same plane. They had first class seats on the plane to Iowa and kept insisting that we take them. I was rather humbled, however I felt bad taking their seats so we kindly refused. While we were starting to load I noticed them talking to the FAs. They got them to help convince us to take their seats! These guys were rather.. robust and the first class seats would have sat them comfortably. Instead the FA showed them to our seats right behind first class and they had to sit right next to each other very tightly.

    The FA was so sweet too! She gave me my first beer in almost 2 years, and it was FREE! I couldn’t believe it! She insisted, so I took it and I only got about 1/3 through it before I fell asleep. She even cleaned it up and put my tray up for me because I didn’t wake up until after we had landed. I thanked them profusely, I was HOME!! I wanted to give her a hug but I wasn’t sure if that would be too weird for her? Haha! I was just so excited to be back home I was shaking like a Chihuahua waiting for a treat.

    The point of this story is that, I have had some… experiences, a FA continually ramming my elbow with a cart (I swear I was trying to keep it out of the isle!), or looking at me funny because I was trying to pop my ears so I was making crazy faces, ect., but almost every experience I have ever had while flying was good. You just have to know what the unwritten (and written) rules of flying are and don’t expect special treatment (so when they give you free nuts or pretzels it’s the best thing ever!).

    I know it’s not a complaint, but I don’t really have any complaints (even the FA bumping my elbows would say sorry!) but I thought everyone might like to know it’s not the FA that makes the flight bad.. it’s how you perceive the flight will be.

    Thanks for sharing your stories Heather it makes me so much more appreciative of the things FAs and Pilots and Crew have to go through.

    Good Luck! and Thanks!
    Iowa Girl

  32. dan

    Anyone here ever work on Evergreen or World Airlines for a military charter? Best flights ever! (Though I was only ever a pax). I remember one FA make this announcement over the PA: “anyone with a rocket launcher, please bring it to the front of the plane so we can stow it for you.” (She stood them up in the hanging closet). In the same announcement, we were told: “place your weapons underneath your seats with the barrel pointed toward the outboard of the aircraft.” Of course, we had no ammunition with us in the cabin, but the announcements were surreal. I couldn’t believe there was an SOP for that.

    Two vivid memories from those flights (all in the crazy weeks and months after 9/11): the time a full flight of drunken, homeward-bound Marines, who basically poured themselves back onto the plane after a two-hour binge in the lobby of SNN during a crew change, sang “Friends in Low Places” in unison during taxi and takeoff before collectively passing out; the time (on a different flight) the Marines made the FA blush with lurid whistles just as she demonstrated manual inflation of the over-water life vest. It was all in good fun, and the FAs were truly game girls about everything. Imagine a flight where the passengers police their own, and no one complains about anything.

    As a frequent biz traveller now, I admire all you do as Pilots and Crew, and I can never become accustomed to the whining of other travelers. My hair is longer, and maybe the seatbelt is a bit tighter, but I remember the life of having less. I try never to complain.

  33. I really enjoy this Confessions.. Keep coming..

  34. Courtney Merx

    Dear Heather,

    you seem like sure a genuine person and I’ve a serious question that in all my years of flying (on/off for over 25 years as a Flight Attendant with 4 different airlines, mainline to currently Delta connection CRJ) My native dutch speaking husband had a face to face interview with Delta this morning, he didn’t get a spot on offer but the standard you’ll hear from us with in 2 weeks, naturally I automatically think ‘thank you but no thanks!’ then so many others are floored he didn’t get hire on the spot not only because he speaks perfect English, Dutch and German but he’s extremely professional, handsome, well spoken, world traveler (he’s even lived in Europe, Indonesia, and the US)

    • Courtney Merx

      Sorry. I hit post before I realised it…the bottom line I’m trying to ask, is it unheard of that someone would be told the 2week answer due to being a foreign national holding a permanent residence visa (green card), do we have any hope or was that truly the thanks but no thanks I’ve always known it to be, he really has no idea if he blew it or gut feelings that he did, he actually had a positive feeling over all about the hiring process, however I’ve had the same feeling during Delta interviews then got the no thanks! I’ve even had the interviewer all but say I had the job only to walk away without! IDK what sort of support I can give him but say never loose hope??? Any ideas?
      Thank you so much for any help or idea!!!!!

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