Here’s how it all began…

After I wrote the article, Hottest trend on the airplane since the mile high club, something odd happened.  Readers began emailing photos of themselves in the lav!  Of course that prompted me to write  the article, Laviators Unite -Mile High Headshots! in order to share the official laviators photo gallery (where all the photos eventually end up) 


(Hey look, that’s me, yours truly, laviating  in the photo) 

And then something truly amazing happened!  One of my readers from Romania, George, created  the official laviators music video …

MSNBC, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, and FROMMER’S followed up with stories of their 3663808876_6b54ae6d4aown about the Laviators.  I couldn’t believe it! You can Click here to listen to Frommer’s Sr. editor, David Lytle, interviewing me about the laviators (and life in the sky).  By the way, that’s David over there on the right looking quite dapper in the lav. 

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Michelle (pictured below), actually managed to get the word into Urban Dictionary!  

A person or people who take photos of themselves in the lavatories(restrooms) of airplanes.


And then Michelle one upped herself and made the laviator video featured at the top of this page!  (I do hope she’s begun a new trend.)


Interested in joining the club?  Click the link and download your photo  to the laviators flickr group… laviator_w_t_343x259  (Don’t be afraid to get creative!) 

I’ll feature the best of the best here!  And you, too, can proudly wear a laviator T-shirt designed by Windtee, maker of aviation T-shirt art.   













Croatia Iceland June 2009 165






13715184LUIMG6227Dezi in the SWA lavIMG_4500


Gulfstream Laviators


27 responses to “Laviators

  1. Mark Lawler

    So are laviators replacing their social network avitars and cell phone contact photos with “lavitars”?

  2. Come on show us the Good ones HA!

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  6. Lorna

    Croatia Iceland is awesome!

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  8. milkyway

    So is this why I can never go pee when I need to?

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  10. Ibrahim

    so interesting! so what’s the most number of laviators in a single airplane lavatory photo?

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  15. 737_SkyToddler

    Just great!! Have to brief the others tomorrow…:):)

  16. Wow…I just realized I haven’t done a laviator shot in a while. Seems like everything I’m flying on is a CRJ, and the flights are too short to make the effort to the lav.

    Thanks for including my pic in this montage!

  17. Shoot! I was in a lav today with AWESOME lighting (for a lav, that is…) and was looking cute but forgot about doing my first laviator shot until I was already in there. Didn’t feel like running back out to root through my purse and get my camera, so it was a missed opportunity…sigh.

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  19. Fascinating research blog post on the history of aviation toilets, if I do say so myself:

  20. goashley

    Haha I had to re-blog this (is that even a term?!) LOVE IT!

  21. Funny! But I like to get in and out as fast as possible!

  22. Lauren

    that awesome i love, i love your book too, on chapter 3 and can’t put it down….

  23. Liz

    You just made my day off!

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