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Travel gifts: Ann Taylor’s perfect bow tote

Dear Santa,  I WANT THIS BAG!  Love,  Heather.   PS.  I’ve been good.  PSS.  Well good enough.  PSSS Just bring the bag and no one will get hurt! 

When it comes to travel, packing multi-functional (space-saving) items are a must!    The perfect bow tote might look like a purse, but it’s big enough to use as a tote.  With this bag you’ll be able to pull off daytime looks with professional and chic suits, and tote it along with hot night pieces after work.  Or use it as a carry-on bag next time you travel! Why not?  There’s plenty of room for a netbook or ipad!  The tote is simple, the leather is soft, and there are no bows, adornments or logos on the outside of the bag.  And the best part; it’s feminine and flirty, but in an understated way.  The Ann Taylor perfect bow tote retails for $225.


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