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Photo of the day: You can take the boy out of economy, but not economy out of the boy


Photo Credit: Steven Frischling

Caption credit: Stefan Paetow


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Photo of the day: Airlines are now offering first class passengers a new personalized alternative to in-flight closed captioning.

Photo courtesy of Abdul Afia / @UAL4Life

Caption courtesy of FarrChi


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Photo of the day: Doing it “doggie style” in first class


Photo courtesy of Kathy S

Caption Courtesy of @IanHMoore


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Why children are annoying on airplanes

This post originally appeared on Businessweek.com  …

Low-cost Malaysian airline AirAsia (AIRA:MK) has finally done what many disgruntled passengers have long hoped for: It has banned children from sections of some airplanes. Starting in February, the first seven economy rows on its long-haul AirAsia X flights will be designated as the “quiet zone” and reserved for adults (well, people over the age of 12) to give passengers a chance to rest during the flights. Malaysian Airlines is also in the process of creating a child-free zone on certain flights. But are children really the worst offenders on airplanes? For an answer, Bloomberg Businessweek turned to Heather Poole, who has chronicled her 17-year career as a flight attendant for a major airline in her book Cruising Attitude.

So are children really that annoying on flights?

Well, first, let me say: I have a six-year-old, so I’m on Team Mom with this one. You can tell when passengers haven’t had kids because they’re less patient. They can get upset just by the thought of having to sit next to a child. That said, kids can be really disruptive on flights. But usually when that happens, it’s not the kid’s fault; it’s the parents’. Not long ago, I had a family come on board and their little girl threw temper tantrum in the middle of the aisle. The parents looked at me and just laughed. I’m like: ‘Can you move your child? I’m trying to board the plane.’

I see parents come on a plane with nothing to entertain their child, so then the kid gets bored and starts kicking the seat in front of them. Sometimes parents will sit in first class but leave their kids in coach. The kids will be standing in the aisle during takeoff or trying to get out of their seats.

Really? Parents really pay that little attention to their kids?

A long time ago I was on a flight—I wasn’t working, I was just flying like a regular passenger—and I felt something between my legs. I looked under my seat and there was a baby. I turned around behind me and the mom was sleeping. I tapped her on shoulder and said, ‘I think this is yours,’ and she took the baby and closed her eyes again. She had no idea that I was a flight attendant; to her I was just a random stranger who’d gotten ahold of her baby.




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Proof that first class travel isn’t what it used to be….

Photo courtesy of Elyse Pasquale / Foodie International


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Photo of the day: It was the only place on the plane Sally felt comfortable reading “50 shades of Grey”













Photo courtesy of Henry Lin

Caption courtesy of @IanHMoore


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Is Curb Your Enthusiam’s Larry David a first class jerk or kind of “coach-y”?

Last night’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm can only be described as hilarious.  I’m a huge fan of the show, so imagine my delight when Larry David popped up on an airplane eating Pink Berry and complaining about his long shoe laces. Midway through the flight, after finding the first class lavatory occupied, Larry does what most first class passengers would never do.  He whips back the blue curtain and enters coach.  On his way to the back of the plane, a fellow passenger scolds him for crossing cabins after she’s been told she can’t use the first class bathroom.  Larry tries to explain that he’s not a typical first class passenger.  He’s “coach-y”  That’s when the passenger accuses him of being “first class-y”  It’s a funny scene you have to see.  (CLICK HERE to watch)  On his way back to first class, Larry trips on his shoe laces in the aisle and accidentally takes down a belligerent passenger in the process of abusing a flight attendant.  Everyone in coach gives Larry a standing ovation.  He’s dubbed a hero.  Larry, of course, takes full credit for his bravery.  His seatmate who wanted nothing to do with him, or his long shoe laces, earlier on in the flight now finds him attractive and slides him her phone number.  She then goes on to compare him to Sullenberg.  Season 8, Episode 76, The Hero.


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