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Snow globes, gifts, packing – just a few tips for travelers this Christmas

1. LEAVE THE SNOW GLOBE AT HOME: This time last year I asked a TSA agent in Dallas about the craziest thing he’d ever seen. I won’t lie, the answer shocked me, which is why I won’t repeat it here. Then he then went on to complain about the number of snow globes he’d collected. For the last few years snow globes have been on the list of banned carry-on items due to the fact that they contain an undetermined amount of liquid, yet based on the number confiscated last year many people seem to have not gotten the message. If you really just can’t leave home without it, pack it in your suitcase and check the bag.

2. SHIP THE PRESENTS: It might be too late to ship your gifts to wherever you’re spending Christmas this year, but before your return flight home you might want to make a quick stop at Fed Ex. Last year on one of my flights a passenger came on board at the last minute carrying a gigantic toy train in an unwrapped box. The overhead bins were full, so there was no place to stow it. Unfortunately we had no choice but to check the train. (I hope it made it to its final destination.)

3. DO NOT WRAP THE GIFTS: Unless of course you don’t mind TSA unwrapping them to take a look inside. Wrapped gifts packed inside checked luggage are fine.


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Gifts for flight attendants – and travelers!

A stun gun, Xanax, travel massager that glows in the dark, ten foot pole for not touching things with, these are just a few of the things my flight attendant friends want for Christmas. What, not your gift-giving style? Okay so perhaps one of these will do….

1. PASSPORT COVER In this day and age you might not want everyone knowing your country of origin. Not to mention it’s kind of fun dressing up the old passport that some of you should be very proud of based on the number of stamps inside. If you’re a passenger, check out the adorable covers at Flushshop.com. If you’re a flight attendant you’ll want to go with Modcloth’s Safety Misinformation Passport Wallet. (pictured)

2. BAG TAGS – All those crew bags lined up against the wall in flight operations look alike. Try making yours stand out and you won’t end up on a layover with clothes you’ve never seen before. One of the the funniest bag tags I’ve ever seen read “Baggage Handlers are Hot.” Ya know that bag made it to its final destination! Flight attendant Bailey loves Anne Taintor’s line of sassy, vintage bag tags. (And he’s going to kill me for sharing this with you.)

3. OVEN MITTS – The oven racks are hot, hot, hot! This is why so many flight attendants no longer have fingerprints. Because I’m always leaving mine behind on the plane, I can never own too many pairs of oven mitts. Flight attendant Eric is a fan of Grips. As for me, I like Fred’s Hot Head dog shaped insulating mitt.

4. MINI TRAVEL ROLLER SET – Looking good is important to flight attendants. Even though it’s not always easy when our layovers are only eight hours long and we’re scheduled to work ten to fourteen hours a day. Somehow flight attendant Joann always manages to look fabulous and I have a feeling it has something to do with her Conair mini roller set.

5. GREEN TRAVEL/REUSABLE TOTES – My friend Melanie can tell  domestic flight attendants from international ones by the bags they carry on their layovers – Harrods vs Trader Joe’s. For just $2.99 you can help them show off their travel style with this fun international tote from World Market. Or how about (sending me) a Loot Bag from Anya Hindmarch, creator of the “I’m not a plastic bag” bag.



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Goodies for the crew

I’m taking a trip next week to Las Vegas. Is there anything I can bring the flight attendants and pilots as a little token of my appreciation. You guys work a really hard job. I just saw the Capitalism Micheal Moore movie and I had no idea that pilots and flight attendants got such a raw deal from their employers. I thought about making cookies or muffins? Any ideas would be great – Tina B.

Thank you for thinking of us, Tina, that’s really nice of you! But you don’t have to bring us anything for doing our jobs. Except maybe a smile. A little eye contact goes a long way, too. You’d be surprised what a difference that makes in this day and age of travel when passengers rarely acknowledge our greetings during boarding and won’t remove their headphones when we’re trying to ask them what they’d like to drink. Don’t even get me started on passengers who actually say please and thank you! When I hear those simple words I can’t help but provide nonstop refills on drinks. No joke, tears just about came to my eyes on a recent flight when a little girl named Fallyn made the crew a thank you card for being nice and making her feel so comfortable.

“You must work for an airline,” I said to Fallyn’s father with a knowing wink.

He looked at me funny. “No. Why?”

Because it was the nicest thing I’d heard in a long time!


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Flight attendant gift: stewardess coffee mugs

Ahhhh folks….ahhhh….this is the captain speaking….ahhh….we are flying over Los Angeles right now…..ahhhh…..if you look out the left window you’ll see….ahhhh…….Heather Poole having a very happy birthday……and ahhhhh….not being at work. We know you have…ahhh…choice of birthdays to celebrate and we thank you for choosing her’s – Bob, the singing pilot

Thank you, Bob!  That was almost as good as Heather’s Jumpseat Nap, the song you wrote just for me a few years ago, a song that I accidentally downloaded to my husband’s iPod, which explains why, from time to time, I’ve actually caught the man singing my song in your Johnny Cash-like voice.  Talk about strange.  But in a good way.  Wanna know what else I like?  The adorable coffee mugs pictured above.  My sister actually created them on Zazzle.com  (Thanks Holly!)


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10 Gifts for flight attendants (and frequent fliers)

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is job security, being able to hold my first bid, two weeks vacation, a raise, longer layovers, more wide-body flying, faster flying times, grateful and polite passengers with a sense of humor, more ferry flights, a cockpit that appreciates who’s on the other side of the reinforced door, and a fun crew

Florence, the flight attendant

Something tells me that ain’t happening. So what can you get that special flight attendant, pilot or frequent flier in your life for Christmas this year? Glad you asked. Here’s my 2009 holiday gift list…

1. AVIATION CRAP STUFF – If there’s one thing flight attendants have in common, it’s the airline museum hiding in the guestroom closet. So if you see something with an aviation theme buy it, wrap it up, and send it to me. I’m talking things like vintage airline posters, sassy bag tags, airplane pajamas, flight attendant dolls, even an airplane Christmas ornament – anything really!

2. HAND LOTION – Flight attendants have always been addicted to fruity smelling antibacterial hand lotion. Now that the flu season is here with a nasty H1N1 scare to top it off, we’re going through germ killer like business class passengers go through wine and bottled water. Bath and Body has a wonderful selection of travel size lotion to stuff a stocking with. Also, we’re constantly washing our hands with harsh airplane soap, so hand lotion with shea butter is a must. Beth, a coworker and friend, swears by Gardners hand therapy cream by Crabtree and Evelyn.

3. CAFFEINE – Three reasons your flight attendant might not be smiling; 1. Long work days. 2. Short layovers. 3. They’ve given up their expensive Starbucks addiction in order to cut back and make ends meet. Every flight attendant deserves (and needs!) a decent cup of Joe, especially when working long hauls, early sign-ins, red eyes, or multiple legs. I’m sorry, but airplane coffee just won’t cut it. While a Starbucks gift card might be nice, a couple packets of Via Ready Brew would work well, too.

4. READING MATERIAL – Flight attendants are like vultures when it comes to scavenging seat back pockets for discarded newspapers and magazines after a flight. While I love to score a copy of US, Star, People, ya know, the kind of magazine you can flip through quickly between beverage services, it’s Vanity Fair I can’t commute to work without. What flight attendant wouldn’t love a magazine subscription or a gift card to Barnes & Noble? Or take it a step further and give a Kindle. You’ll help lighten the load.


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Just a few flight attendant gift ideas

Hi Heather,

I have a question for you.  My sister is a flight attendant and I was wondering what you would recommend as a good present(s) for her for Christmas? She’s been at the job a little over 2 years and is based out of Chicago, if that’s of any help at all. I figured you would have some recommendations for stuff you might use on a daily basis or just might find useful in general. The year she started, I bought a couple books that flight attendants had written, but I figured if I could get some help from someone with the same job, maybe I could just get her the perfect gift! 

Happy Holidays!

Katie L.

PS My dad is a private pilot, so any tips there would be great, too! :)

Dear Katie,

Good question!  Your sis is a lucky girl to have such a caring sister like yourself.  That’s why I hereby dedicate tomorrow’s Galley Gossip post to you – 10 gift for flight attendants (and frequent fliers).  Make sure to check it. 

Until then, here are a few gift ideas: Bose headsets, iPod, tempurpedic eyeshades, travel alarm clock with ambient sounds, tempurpedic travel pillow.  A cashmere scarf with matching gloves that will look nice with her uniform would make a great gift, especially since she’s based in Chicago – Brrrr!  I’m cold just thinking about it.  Every year there’s always a must have, non-regulation, “uniform” item that everyone seems to be wearing and this year, at my airline, that was a red fitted cardigan sweater from The Gap, as well as a pair of women’s navy blue, flat front, trousers from JC Penny’s.  I never did get the brand name.  Personally, I can never own enough pairs of navy blue/black DKNY opaque hose.   Also, make sure to take a look at these cool web sites…

Good luck finding that perfect gift!


Photo courtesy of GeorgeParrilla

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