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Flight attendant haunted layover hotel ghost stories (and a haunted plane!)

In the spirit of Halloween, I’d like to share a couple layover hotel ghost stories from flight attendants I know…

At a hotel in San Francisco the water kept turning itself on during the night. After the 3rd or 4th time, instead of getting up and turning it off, I had a little talk with the ghost. I was thinking I must have lost my mind. Water went off automatically. Never came on again! – Vicki Howell

At our current Paris hotel, I had an apparition appear at the foot of my bed. At first I didn’t think it was anything until I felt somebody sit on my bed. I turned on the light near the bed and of course there was nothing there. – John Gonzales

On a layover in Miami, I felt someone/something pull the covers off of my shoulder and breathe cold air onto the back of my neck. I jumped out of bed, ran for the door, turned on the light… and no one was there. On the next trip another flight attendant couldn’t get into that same room with her key. Security couldn’t get in either. They had to change her room. Gives me the chills even talking about it. – Penni Reynolds Piskor

At a Sheraton in New Jersey in 1989, I kept thinking there was someone in my room. Woke up several times convinced. Searched the room. Nothing was there. Found out later the hotel was reputedly haunted, and one of the elevators was known to run all night, stopping at each floor even though nobody called it – Julie Meyer

I always clip my curtains closed so the light will not shine through and wake me up. In the middle of the night it was like someone used their hands to push both curtains back forcefully. I was lying there freaking out! Another time I woke up to find the decorative bed quilt folded neatly in the corner of the room. I don’t fold at home nor am I good at it, so I know I didn’t do it in my sleep. The third time we did a seance. We asked for a sign and all the elevators opened simultaneously. We jumped up and ran! – Lynne Smith

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photo courtesy of dantc

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Torture the kid with this airplane costume on Halloween

I’m going to assume you’re reading this post because you’re an aviation geek and have a thing for all things flying, which is why I present you with this – an airplane costume from Pottery Barn.  Oh go ahead and torture the kid by dressing your little darling up as an airplane on Halloween.  He’ll love it.  People will think she’s adorable.  Ya know there’s always extra candy for the cute kids. 

Yeah I know it’s August, which is a  little early to be writing about Halloween, but my sister just sent me the photo of the Pottery Barn costume and…well…I couldn’t help myself.  Now I love my sister.  I really do.  But just because I’m a flight attendant and I write about flying doesn’t mean I’m going to dress MY KID up in that.  Heck no.  Not after what I did to him last year when at the last minute I nixed the pirate costume and dressed him up as a pilot.  But not just any pilot, a Northwest Pilot, as in one of the ones who fell asleep and forgot to land at the airport.  I had the kid carrying a toy laptop computer while I, his copilot, wore a satin eye mask on top of my head.   Genius, I know.  Only everyone assumed the kid was Captain Sully and I was his lesbian flight attendant.       

Now back to the airplane costume.  If you’re the crafty type you might want to consider making an airplane costume out of a corrugated box.  It ONLY takes 2-3 hours and the directions look (not so) easy.   Might as well make two costumes while you’re at it – one for me and one for you.  Or maybe I’ll just wear my uniform and grab two beers – Steven Slater style.


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A fright in flight!

me and joy

I know this was not taken in the lav…but thought you might like it!  On our flight back from NYC to ATL on sunday.  Enjoy.

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How to liven up a flight on Halloween

I’m working my first Halloween as a flight attendant this year and can’t come up with any really good ideas of what to do. I obviously can’t go too overboard (As they told us in training, “We’re not Southwest”) but want a little something to liven up a six-leg day.  I had some lame ideas (Vampire teeth, saying boo) but want something a bit more entertaining.  Have you seen anything, or have any good ideas?
Dear Michael,
Did you say – six leg day?  As in SIX LEGS in ONE DAY!  Like you’re actually going to hit six cities in less than 24 hours?  Forget about dressing up on Halloween!  Michael, Michael, Michael, you won’t even have to bother with a costume if you’re going to be working a trip like that.    Before the day is halfway through you’ll look like hell warmed over, so just embrace it.  Don’t fight it.  There’s really nothing else you can do.  But I hear ya on the whole don’t-work-for-Southwest-but-wanna-have-fun-on-the-holiday dilemma.  I mean there’s got to be more flight attendants can do besides wear hideous orange socks with smiling pumpkins that poke out from underneath unflattering navy-blue, pleated, polyester pants.  As for the holiday tie, it’s cute, I guess, but also a little boring.  I say go for the teeth, Michael.  Take advantage of the way you’re going to feel while working that heinous trip.  Twilight is huge and vampires are all the rage right now, so play off that.  Powder your face and eyebrows white and color your lips and nails black.  Hiss at passengers who ask for anything.  If you see someone cute, bite him!  Or her.  If you do get in trouble, blame it on the trip.  I mean that’s enough to make anyone go insane!   
Photo courtesy of Carniphage


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He was the best stewardess ever!

Dear Heather,3292539104_0b6309a9b8

Ok I have to dig up the pics, but in 2004 I was a flight attendant for Halloween.  I was living in San Francisco at the time.  I wore a platinum blonde wig and a tight fitting one piece dress that was a real flight attendant dress from the 70s that I found in Berkeley at some thrift store.  My name was Candy.  I had a seatbelt extension, a demo O2 mask, and a safety card, and since we were having a party at our house, I pushed around a little cart type thing and made drinks for people…it was a lot of work, I tell ya! I even had ballet slippers for my galley shoes! I was the best flight attendant ever!


Dear Ron,

I can tell by the last line in your email that you really were the best flight attendant ever.  Deep down inside, Ron, I think you truly are a flight attendant.  I really do.  Because only a real flight attendant would slip her barking dogs into a pair of comfy in flight shoes while working the cart.  Speaking of those pink ballet slippers of yours, how dare you write me an email and go into such great detail about this fabulous costume without including a photo!  Seriously, what’s that all about?  Oh and do they make the slippes in blue?  


PS  I’m waiting….

(Photo courtesy of Mag3737  )

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How to create a flight attendant Halloween costume


It’s that time of year, people! Hopefully you’ve already figured out what you’re going to be for Halloween. It is right around the corner, ya know.

 I’m the type of person who usually waits until the last second to pull something together, which is why I almost always end up feeling insecure about my costume, a crap costume, which only leads to a miserable night out – that is if I even go out! It all depends on just how crappy the crap costume actually ends up.

But this year I’ve decided to do things a little differently and embrace the holiday season. I’m going to dress up in something I’ve planned out well in advance. What that costume may be I still don’t know, but my three year-old knows that he’s going as Captain Hook and wants me to dress up as Tinkerbell. Not a chance. Thankfully there’s still plenty of time to figure it out.

Now if you’re like me, you’re looking for a costume that’s easy to throw together and inexpensive. So why not live out your inner fantasy and dress up as me – a flight attendant! Think about it, you’ll be able to deliver drinks and do the pointy-point all night long. Oh you know you want to!

Last year at this exact same time I came across an interesting post from Jennine (that’s her in the photo) who has a fantastic fashion blog called The Coveted. Imagine my surprise when I spotted her dressed up as a stewardess for Halloween, a fantastic get up she created by using clothing from her very own closet….


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