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Flight attendant gifts: Stewardess Barbie, Polly Pocket flight attendant, Dream Jet Plane, Barbie luggage

Oh you know you’re digging her stylish Rihanna-like bob and that vintage, greyish blue, Pan Am-like uniform.  1966 Stewardess Barbie is now available at ToysRus ($32.98)



Every Barbie flight attendant wants to work the Barbie Dreamliner Jet (AKA The Barbie Glam Vacation Jet) with Captain Cheeseball. And for less than it costs to purchase a one-way airline ticket to most US cities, this luxurious plane can be yours –  and only yours (think your own row!) – for $119.99!  Now on sale (online) at ToysRus for $95.99.  Price includes dolls. NOT checked luggage fees.




A REAL frequent flying Barbie carries matching hardshell rolling luggage.  $49.99 at ToysRus




Because every flight attendant dreams of wearing aqua marine go-go boots with a matching train conductor’s hat while zipping up and down the aisle on a scooter!   Polly Pocket Adventure Stunt-n-Style Jet ($39.99) Hot pink goggles and luggage included

NOTE: This post was NOT sponsored by ToysRUs, even though it should have been.  (You listening ToysRus?!)

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Height, weight and age requirements for flight attendants (and why Christina Ricci could never be a Pan Am stewardess)

“In this male-dominated world, in that famously openly chauvinistic culture, these women were really taking the reins and running their lives in a way most women didn’t,” Christina Ricci said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about her upcoming television show, Pan Am, a night time soap opera revolving around the lives of flight attendants and pilots in the 1960’s. Think Mad Men at 30,000 feet.

Christina Ricci has been cast to play Maggie, a head stewardess. What’s funny about this is Ricci wouldn’t have been hired to be a stewardess back in the day. At five foot one, Christina is too short. Pan Am required its stewardesses to be at least five foot two and weigh no more than 130 pounds. They also couldn’t be married or have children. On top of that the mandatory retirement age for flight attendants was 32. So even if Ricci had managed to squeak by Pan Am’s minimum height requirement, she wouldn’t have flown for long. The actress, born in February, is already 31 years old. With Pan Am scheduled to air in September, Christina only has five months to travel the world before being forced to hang up the uniform and retire. That’s not enough time to establish oneself as a head stewardess for a major airline. At my airline it takes six months just to get off probation! But back in the 60’s stewardesses averaged eighteen months on the job. A year and a half. By those standards, Christina Ricci would already be three-quarters through with her career. Sad, but true.

Thankfully a lot has changed since 1960…


Photo courtesy of ABC


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Flight attendant gift: stewardess coffee mugs

Ahhhh folks….ahhhh….this is the captain speaking….ahhh….we are flying over Los Angeles right now…..ahhhh…..if you look out the left window you’ll see….ahhhh…….Heather Poole having a very happy birthday……and ahhhhh….not being at work. We know you have…ahhh…choice of birthdays to celebrate and we thank you for choosing her’s – Bob, the singing pilot

Thank you, Bob!  That was almost as good as Heather’s Jumpseat Nap, the song you wrote just for me a few years ago, a song that I accidentally downloaded to my husband’s iPod, which explains why, from time to time, I’ve actually caught the man singing my song in your Johnny Cash-like voice.  Talk about strange.  But in a good way.  Wanna know what else I like?  The adorable coffee mugs pictured above.  My sister actually created them on Zazzle.com  (Thanks Holly!)


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Lawyer wants to become a flight attendant

Dear Heather,

I am an attorney, but I stopped working to go back to school for a tax-law post graduate degree and learned so much in school about flight attendants – weird right? Well it’s not really that weird because my professor used to work as a tax lawyer for an airline, so income tax and flight attendant benefits were a big topic! It really got me thinking… wait a minute… this could be an AWESOME way to see the world and have fun being in customer service. I’m a pretty personable person and love meeting people and helping them out. Does it take a certain type of person to be a flight attendant? I just really want to have some fun and adventure. I know there is a lot more to the job than that, but is there ENOUGH fun and adventure to make the not -so -glamorous parts of the job worth it?


Dear Claire,

Believe it or not, you’re not the only attorney interested in becoming a flight attendant. One of my colleagues who works part time for the airline owns his own law firm in Boston. There’s a reason he still flies when he really doesn’t have to. That’s because the job is still filled with enough fun and adventure to make the not-so-glamorous parts of the job worth it! But it’s up to each flight attendant to make the most of the job, to focus on the positive and take advantage of the flexibility and flying benefits. You’d be surprised to learn how many flight attendants don’t do that. Otherwise it becomes just like any other job. And remember no one ever becomes a flight attendant for the money, but you probably already learned that in tax-law class.


photo courtesy of Dmytrok


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10 Gifts for flight attendants (and frequent fliers)

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is job security, being able to hold my first bid, two weeks vacation, a raise, longer layovers, more wide-body flying, faster flying times, grateful and polite passengers with a sense of humor, more ferry flights, a cockpit that appreciates who’s on the other side of the reinforced door, and a fun crew

Florence, the flight attendant

Something tells me that ain’t happening. So what can you get that special flight attendant, pilot or frequent flier in your life for Christmas this year? Glad you asked. Here’s my 2009 holiday gift list…

1. AVIATION CRAP STUFF – If there’s one thing flight attendants have in common, it’s the airline museum hiding in the guestroom closet. So if you see something with an aviation theme buy it, wrap it up, and send it to me. I’m talking things like vintage airline posters, sassy bag tags, airplane pajamas, flight attendant dolls, even an airplane Christmas ornament – anything really!

2. HAND LOTION – Flight attendants have always been addicted to fruity smelling antibacterial hand lotion. Now that the flu season is here with a nasty H1N1 scare to top it off, we’re going through germ killer like business class passengers go through wine and bottled water. Bath and Body has a wonderful selection of travel size lotion to stuff a stocking with. Also, we’re constantly washing our hands with harsh airplane soap, so hand lotion with shea butter is a must. Beth, a coworker and friend, swears by Gardners hand therapy cream by Crabtree and Evelyn.

3. CAFFEINE – Three reasons your flight attendant might not be smiling; 1. Long work days. 2. Short layovers. 3. They’ve given up their expensive Starbucks addiction in order to cut back and make ends meet. Every flight attendant deserves (and needs!) a decent cup of Joe, especially when working long hauls, early sign-ins, red eyes, or multiple legs. I’m sorry, but airplane coffee just won’t cut it. While a Starbucks gift card might be nice, a couple packets of Via Ready Brew would work well, too.

4. READING MATERIAL – Flight attendants are like vultures when it comes to scavenging seat back pockets for discarded newspapers and magazines after a flight. While I love to score a copy of US, Star, People, ya know, the kind of magazine you can flip through quickly between beverage services, it’s Vanity Fair I can’t commute to work without. What flight attendant wouldn’t love a magazine subscription or a gift card to Barnes & Noble? Or take it a step further and give a Kindle. You’ll help lighten the load.


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He was the best stewardess ever!

Dear Heather,3292539104_0b6309a9b8

Ok I have to dig up the pics, but in 2004 I was a flight attendant for Halloween.  I was living in San Francisco at the time.  I wore a platinum blonde wig and a tight fitting one piece dress that was a real flight attendant dress from the 70s that I found in Berkeley at some thrift store.  My name was Candy.  I had a seatbelt extension, a demo O2 mask, and a safety card, and since we were having a party at our house, I pushed around a little cart type thing and made drinks for people…it was a lot of work, I tell ya! I even had ballet slippers for my galley shoes! I was the best flight attendant ever!


Dear Ron,

I can tell by the last line in your email that you really were the best flight attendant ever.  Deep down inside, Ron, I think you truly are a flight attendant.  I really do.  Because only a real flight attendant would slip her barking dogs into a pair of comfy in flight shoes while working the cart.  Speaking of those pink ballet slippers of yours, how dare you write me an email and go into such great detail about this fabulous costume without including a photo!  Seriously, what’s that all about?  Oh and do they make the slippes in blue?  


PS  I’m waiting….

(Photo courtesy of Mag3737  )

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How to create a flight attendant Halloween costume


It’s that time of year, people! Hopefully you’ve already figured out what you’re going to be for Halloween. It is right around the corner, ya know.

 I’m the type of person who usually waits until the last second to pull something together, which is why I almost always end up feeling insecure about my costume, a crap costume, which only leads to a miserable night out – that is if I even go out! It all depends on just how crappy the crap costume actually ends up.

But this year I’ve decided to do things a little differently and embrace the holiday season. I’m going to dress up in something I’ve planned out well in advance. What that costume may be I still don’t know, but my three year-old knows that he’s going as Captain Hook and wants me to dress up as Tinkerbell. Not a chance. Thankfully there’s still plenty of time to figure it out.

Now if you’re like me, you’re looking for a costume that’s easy to throw together and inexpensive. So why not live out your inner fantasy and dress up as me – a flight attendant! Think about it, you’ll be able to deliver drinks and do the pointy-point all night long. Oh you know you want to!

Last year at this exact same time I came across an interesting post from Jennine (that’s her in the photo) who has a fantastic fashion blog called The Coveted. Imagine my surprise when I spotted her dressed up as a stewardess for Halloween, a fantastic get up she created by using clothing from her very own closet….


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