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Flight attendant confessions video

get-attachment.aspxEver wonder what your flight attendant really thinks of you? What they’d tell you if they had the nerve? Or weren’t afraid of being fired? What deep, dark secrets would they reveal about their jobs?

There are 17 Things your flight attendant won’t tell you.  No more.  No less.  And Fox & Friends invited me on their show today to discuss a few of those not-so-secret “secrets” mentioned in the article making waves online.  We talked about coffee, upgrades, turbulence, and getting licked by passengers in flight… Yes, you read that correctly, LICKED.  (We’ve found crazy!) There may have also been something X-rays and giving in birth in flight.

Watch the video at Foxnews.com.  <—- CLICK IT!



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Just another flight attendant fantasy…

At the cabin divider between first class and coach is where I stand when I sing this song to cranky coach passengers who are suffering from hunger pains,  dying of thirst and not at all shy about letting everyone on board know just how much they hate their seat.   At the end I snap the curtain shut and go back to serving first.


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It’s not normal how much I love – and relate – to Henri, the cat. (especially when I’m on reserve)


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20/20: Flight attendant true confessions

John Quinones

Tonight I’m going to be on ABC’s 20/20!  They’re calling the segment “True Confessions”  This will make three shows created from one interview I sat down for right after my book was released in March – “Plane Crazy,” “Flipping Out” & now “True Confessions.  To go along with the show, ABC has created a cool slide show – 5 Flight Attendant Revelations – featuring quotes from the interview.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Flight Attendant True Confessions

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My 5 favorite flight attendant videos of all time…

This post originally appeared on my Galley Gossip column featured on  Gadling.com

2. Pam Ann: Cabin Service (staring Pam Ann)

3. Carol Burnett Show: No Frills Airline (staring Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, and Harvey Korman)


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Travel Tip: Don’t wear shorts on the plane


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20/20: Just Plane Crazy Interview

20/20 interviewed me for an episode called Just Plane Crazy.  The full segment can be viewed HERE.  Or you can  pick and choose a segment…

JUST PLANE CRAZY:  Passengers Gone Wild: You won’t believe what some people will do in the air.

JUST PLANE CRAZY: Celebs Flying Foibles: Some celebrities’ airplane antics have landed them in hot water.

JUST PLANE CRAZY: Crews Gone Wild:  Underpaid, overworked flight crews sometimes go to extremes.

The best part about the whole experience: I got to meet Chris Connelly!

20/20’s Chris Connelly. I can’t tell you how nice and funny he is! If you ever run into him ask him about the famous lead singer from the 80’s who yelled at him on a flight.

While I was trying to work up the courage to ask Chris Connelly if he would pose with me for a photo, he asked me to sign his book – MY BOOK. I was shocked. And I could tell he’d actually read it! Even more shocking.

I had no idea what to write!


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