6 responses to “Videos

  1. Lorne Grout (@Runway29 on twitter)

    Great videos Heather! Your son is adorable and hilarious – that laugh of his is very infectious! Keep up the great work…your fans look forward to your posts.

  2. You are so upbeat!! Breath of fresh air! Thanks!!

  3. Chris

    So, I pour a drink and plop down on the couch around midnight last. I’m “in the middle of it” at work, and I’m just sneaking away for a 10 minute sanity break to rest my weary eyes. I trigger-finger the remote, take a big swig, and I’ll be damned if “Heather Poole – Flight Attendant” wasn’t talking away on the Travel Channel.

    Watched a couple of your videos for verification. Yup, that’s Heather! You have a very nice family. Congratulations. You haven’t changed much in 30+ years.

    Anyways, here’s to the sunny slopes of Aldridge E. :)


  4. Gopi

    Great videos, Heather. Informative, funny, topical…keep up the good work.

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